Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #102

Episode 102... Jacks was down so we delayed an episode for a week.  Send him some love for good health in the Podunk Radio chat room.  Just the regular non regular...

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Whoa dude punk...

Strike Out  0:39 Vicious Circle Not So Quiet On The Western Front
Options  1:59 The Proletariat This Is Boston, Not L.A.
Dry Heaves  1:35 D.R.I. (1992) Definition
Seven Years  1:42 The Hi-Fives Welcome To My Mind

Where's My Hooligans (background)  2:27 Hub City Stompers Ska Ska Black Sheep
riot in the city  2:08 AntiDote Back In Year Zero
Back To Basic  1:35 Dropend Demonstration 2011 (japan)
Gobierno no  0:40 Eizen Desarme O Muerte
Roy's Dick Shrinks On Dope  1:22 Alcoholic White Trash I Can't Skate
Bug Blood  2:17 The Stupids Jesus Meets the Stupids

New Tattoo (background)  3:30 Hub City Stompers Ska Ska Black Sheep
Projetos Atomicos  1:11 Besthoven A Bomb Raid Into Your Mind...2002/03/05
Quest for Reality  2:29 Cause for Alarm Cheaters and the Cheated
Budaya Kalian Bagaikan Nazi  1:11 Desire
Total Totalitarism 3rd  1:03 Earth Crust Displacement
Drugscore  1:16 Crust Collapse Freedom Punker
Hate!  1:12 Free Speech Freedom Punker

Never Surrender  2:11 Framtid Defeat Of Civilization LP
Don't Call Me a Moshist  1:48 In Defence Into the Sewer
Sbitch(Usa)  1:39 Iron Columns Iron Columns
Kick Her Out  1:16 The Loudmouths The Loudmouths
Sob Story  1:51 Minor Threat Minor Threat: Complete Discography
Fear  1:13 Destroy North America Freedom Punker 18
Prisoners of Religion  2:00 Sewer Trench Freedom Punker 18

No More  1:48 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #101

Show 101... Took a couple weeks off because we're lazy... and nothing beats a show with both bros, so we let 100 run a couple weeks.  Same ole pot of beans that gramps throws on the stove this week.

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Punk 101(no college credits)...

british invasion  2:04 Common Enemy outsiders
Hidrofòbia  0:57 Dissapte Hidrofòbia / Invisibilitat
City of Pop  0:45 Bukkake Boys Bukkake Boys EP
Motions  1:41 Frustration Paranoia & Regret

03 弁解ノ余地ナシ  1:18 Assfort 亞吸不汚吐
Years of Dread  1:36 Stripmines Crimes of Dispassion
Get Out  2:02 The Fuck Ups FU82 EP
Dynamics of a Shit Heap  2:19 Skate Korpse Skate Korpse - Discography LP
Cross My Path  1:21 Blunt Force [BE-14] Demo
Golden child  1:45 Secret Police They're everywhere

American Made  1:32 Guttermouth Live From The Pharmacy
Execution Style  0:21 Beartrap Nailed Shut 7"
Online Punx  0:42 Shitmouth Revenge Of Hot Nuns
Fuck The Cops  2:03 Poison Politix Enjoy !!!
No Son Of Mine  1:54 Skrunt
Beyond The Pizzabox  1:57 A.N.S. Let Them Eat Wood
no existen palomas blancas en mi barrio  1:00 Los Crudos flat earth recs 22.5 - 'canciones para liberar nuestras fronteras' lp
Not Ashamed  1:22 SkyBurnsBlack Records True Liberty - Brotherhood

shock treatment  1:35 Lebenden Toten State Laughter
Armageddon  0:26 Siege Drop Dead
Out For Blood  2:21 Total Confusion Politics Murdered Christ
Perang!!!  1:35 Squarepunk
01 - Welfare/Warfare  2:01 Eaten Raw Demo 2012
Fluffer  1:20 The Damn Dirty Apes The Apes Of Wrath
Fast Food Diet  0:58 The Faction Collection 1982-1985

Into The Friend Zone  1:27 The Fanboys Demo Gear Solid II
DrDoom- mördfall  0:54 FUCK IT, I QUIT! VA - IN GRIND WE CRUST (diy noize2)
US of CC  1:51 The Past Freedom Punker
I'll never make it home  1:08 Eating Bullets The post 911 sound

Dopefiend  1:54 The Bugs THE BUGS

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #100 ("Best of" II)

Episode #100... Another show with both of us at the plate.  What we think is good PUNK... you may not.  Thanks for tuning in 100 times to the most unorganized podcast in the land, but always more punk than you!

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Best of Punk?...

Good Friday  1:09 Guttermouth Musical Monkey
The Blood Runs red  1:18 Disflesh War would be disastrous
Los crudos - Asesinos.  1:01
Poseur  0:32 NOFX Catching Zzz's
Drunk & Depressed  1:24 The Transgressions Stop Wasting My Time - EP

Young 'Til I Die  2:01 7 Seconds The Crew
Annihilation  1:27 Crucifix Dehumanization LP Hardcore
I'd Rather Be Sleeping  1:10 D.R.I. Dealing With
i am the media  2:04 Gag Order 6 song sampler
germ attak public enemy number one  2:03
Can't Relate  1:03 GUNS 'N ROSA PARKS Antifreeze EP
Two Hats  2:14 Kicker Not You
Eat Shit and Live  0:51 Iron Reagan Demo 2012
Boston Not La  0:25 The Freeze This is Boston, Not LA
Boycott Everything  1:18 Poison Planet Boycott Everything

Never turn your back (On a mosh)  0:43 RAD This is rad
Short Temper  1:10 SHORT TEMPER! Urban Beat Reggae
Uniform  0:15 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies
McShred  2:48 McRad Absence of Sanity
Choosing Sides  0:58 Altered Boys [BE-08] s/t
Spineless  1:35 Blunt Force [BE-14] Demo
Artificial Life  2:05 Operation Ivy Operation Ivy
Brownie Bottom Sundae  1:47 A.F.I. Answer That And Stay Fashionable
Mattersville  2:29 NOFX The War On Errorism
Bones Brigade - I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skateboarding  0:45
I Don't Like It  0:46 Assbackwards Surrounded By Pigs
Beer junkies-Straight edge asshole  0:20

Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless Tired, Tramps / 7t's  2:17 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
1 - Through My Eyes  1:50 The Posers Worse Than Nothing
Dr. Knowy  0:33 FearEction FearEction (Demo 2012)
Half Shitfaced  1:30 The Queers Beat Off
I Wish I Was A Mexican  0:48 The Bugs THE BUGS
I Want Chinese Food  2:46 Drunken Cholos (queers) Livin La Vida Loco
Friendly Fire  2:06 A Global Threat Where the Sun Never Sets
Morning After  1:48 Chaos UK The Morning After The Night Before
Grey  2:48 Frustration Paranoia & Regret

F*Ck The 1%  2:31 Fight Music Let Them Eat Cock Alternative