Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #66

Episode #66... Some extreme PUNK licks! Thanks to our boys Submachine for some new tunes!  They have a ton of downloads at http://submachinepgh.bandcamp.com/   A bunch of songs from the first 7 Freedom Punker's (*). Check it out on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exgs2SYHwPs  they all have download links in the wording.

Submachine (Pittsburgh, PA)
Sniper cover art

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The Nobodys- Don't Touch Me 
Useless Pieces Of Shit-  Puppycore
Christian Club- Paradise Lost
Brown Sugar- Try Harder
Bros Grim Theme

Guttermouth- (Mark) The Chubby Chaser/ Newport Sweater Fat
Deathrat- Let Down
Stab- Fascism Brings Death
Jughead's Revenge- Rules Don't Apply
Mad Ax bump

The Casualties- 40oz Casualty
RKC- Skate Martians 
Stepdad SS- Strangled
Last Chaos- Total Dismay
Surf Nazis On Ecstacy- Mb Vacation
Dep Dog Tunein app bump

Exploited- Psycho
Street Trash- Don't Need It
Sordo- Malo
Grimple- Think
BER girl bump

Look Back and Laugh- Throne Of Blood
Eastwood- Dropdead
Agression- Ripped Off
The Old Timers- Turnball AC's
Podunk stampede bump

Face Up To It- Pizza Boxes and Duct Tape
Michael Crafter- Mosh Dawg
Aghast- Bombs Fain From The Heavens
Inmates- Jogging In Place (Hamster Fight)
Blogspot bump

Little Chaos- Dunia Dosa *vol 1 
Sick Pig- Brain Dead *vol 2
40oz Folklore- They Don't Get It *vol 3
Execute My Killers- Come Back From The Plague vol 3
BER jack hammer 

Born Of Freedom- Born Of Freedom *vol 4
Disease- Endless War *vol 5 
Obama's Youth- No Way vol 5
Desperata Skrik- Warlords *vol 6
BTiH bump

Dis-Boikot- Political Bastard *vol 6
Burnt Cross- Remain Compliant To Dtate Control *vol 7
Sadico- Corre vol 7
Desire- War vol 7
Fight Music bump

Submachine- Mongoloid