Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #105

Episode #105...  Same crappy card tricks with a little holiday cheer! The front office is closed this week at Podunk Radio, so you'll hear it a week late. I killed ya with a bunch of punk rips from the '80s this week! Keep downloading (all 10 of you) and smell ya later!

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Punk all covered with glee...

Billions For Destruction  2:01 Oppressed Logic The Past Ain't Gonna Change
Dom Ljuger  1:05 Mob 47 Ultimate Attack-Complete Discography
The Clock  1:39 Suspect Device Mix One December 2011
Big Women  2:17 GBH City baby attacked by rats

Eighties (background)  3:39 Killing Joke Punk You!, Vol. 1: Music for the Discerning Slacker
Rat Patrol  2:12 Naked Raygun Throb Throb
Punk For A Day  1:37 Wasted Youth Reagan's In
Ala Luota Systeemiin 1984  1:53 Riistetyt Raped Future LP
Allt liv slacks  1:43 Warvictims When the innocent cry
The Problem  1:27 gimme crack Gimme Crack/Wrong Show split
Live Fast Die By Mistake!!  3:02 Threats God Is Not With Us Today

Homicide (background)  3:44 999 Punk You!, Vol. 1: Music for the Discerning Slacker
Adolescent Death  1:40 Rich Kids On LSD Its A Beautiful Feeling
Little Fascist Miracle  2:21 ABORTION Murdered Culture
Ugly Music  1:43 Nuke Cult We Play Ugly Music! Fuck You!
Castidade  1:26 Olho Seco Os Primeiros Dias
Apostles On Strike- Detonator  2:14 Torrid Tales of The Super Hate 7in 1996 Johanns Face Recs Chicago
NOTA - Propaganda Control   1:51 MRR 1984 comp
Chronic Seizure- Human Monster  0:48 Brainsick ep Fashionable Idiots Recs 2005

The Greatest Cockney Rip Off (background) 2:08 Cockney Rejects Punk You!, Vol. 1: Music for the Discerning Slacker
Watching You  1:36 Warcola Dallas Punks
Re Establish  1:38 Deprived Resistence In The 1980's
Panikattack på Buss 316  0:58 Nitad Ibland Kan Man Inte Hindra Sig Själv
Pretentious Assholes- Tony Works For The Man  0:49 Dangermouse- Preten Aholes split Thug Life Recs 1997
Pushing and Pulling  1:27 Deadfall Public Safety
Nerves- Caught Out Again  1:13 The Boredom And The BS comp UK Refusenik 1995
Cotton Fields  1:40 Disease Public Safety

Alternative Ulster (background)  2:44 Stiff Little Fingers Punk You!, Vol. 1: Music for the Discerning Slacker
Power Up  2:53 Guttermouth Gorgeous

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #104

Episode 104... Never know who you work with... Just hardcore Bay Area '90s Punkers Better Than Your Hand's lead vocalist Veronica B... That's who!  She kicks off this show with a rippin' tune!  Every thing else is same o same o.

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Old Glory and PUNK...

Mental Ground Zero  1:21 Better Than Your Hand EP 1996 SF
The Killer of Fun  1:35 Short Changed Short Changed
03-give the finger  0:43 GROUND ZERO 1984 demo
Veronica Hates Me  2:53 Screeching Weasel My Brain Hurts

Punk Rock High (background) 2:40 Randy Randy The Band
Let´s Get High  1:21 the Sick Fast from the past
vomito  1:57 FALLAZ DE EVOLUZION maketa
TUTUP BOTAL - banyumas strezz drunk punk  1:49 VA - indonesia-asia hc-punk tape 2014 va - indonesia-asia hc punk tape
GEDEBAC GEDEBUC - who said punk is dead  2:01 VA - indonesia-asia hc-punk tape 2014 va - indonesia-asia hc punk tape
Broken Shit  1:32 Push Off Punk From The Gutters of Ohio Vol. 1 My Crap - Comps
Wakeup  0:56 The Arrogant Bastards Punk From The Gutters of Ohio Vol. 1 My Crap - Comps

NOFX - We Ain't Shit (8-Bit) (background) 3:05 Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 1
CP  1:18 Capitol Punishment Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
Beer Beer Beer  1:30 Dirtheads Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
Drugs In My Pocket  0:57 Primer Grey Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
New Society  1:23 Death Camp Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
Next World War  1:18 Harsh Reality Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
All For Profit And Profit For All  1:26 Miners Threat Margaret Thrasher

Guttermouth - Lipstick (8-Bit) (background)  2:45 Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 2
You Have No Right  1:30 Disgust Brutality of War
Can Peace Exist  1:09 Dishonorable Discharge Nightmare Visions
Benvenuta all'inferno  1:50 Kennel AccaCì Hardcore
A favore di qualcosa  1:22 A.D.R. AccaCì Hardcore
A Season in Hell  1:30 Korova Another Happy Customer

The Queers - I Can't Stop Farting (8-Bit) (background)  1:42 Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 3
Officer Downsyndrom  1:28 Domestic Violence Blahblahblahblahblah!!!!!!!!!!! Blahblahblah
Melee- Loaded Gun  1:12 split with Face Up To It_ Belief Crisis Recs 2001
Complete Waste- Why Do I Bother  1:12 st 7in Give Praise Recs_Rock Bottom 2008
Flagpole- Were All Gonna Die  1:10 Punks Step Up To Get Beat Down 7in IL_Thick Neck Recs 1994
FAce Up To It- Consume And Die  0:57 split with Melee Belief Crisis Recs 2001

Christmas Vacation (background)  2:39 Descendents I Don't Want To Grow Up
Under My Skin  2:22 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #103

Episode 103... A little shorter, but just as effective!  A couple great grabs off of www.bandcamp.com this week.

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Always more 103 than you...

Say "Fuck No" to Rules, Man  1:01 Get Rad Say "Fuck No" to Rules, Man
Pity  2:01 Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
I Hate the Kids (S.O.A.)  0:46 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies
Had A Friend  1:10 Nobodys Greatasstits

Going Underground (background) 3:19 4 Past Midnight Guilty As Charged
When Push Comes To Skate  1:22 Get Rad Choose Your Own Adventure
Эй, мент! / Hey, cop!  0:55 IKNOW LP '2013
no hay opcion  1:43 gobierno militar - no hay opcion ep
Speed, Rot N' Roll  3:26 Frost Rot Rot N' Roll
Fashion whore  1:14 FOKKUM Revenge
Fuck You All  0:45 EARSLAUGHTER ''Roka Smrti'' EP (Slovenia)

Man On The Phone / The Heavy Hand (background)  3:24 A.N.S. Romancing The Phone
Outcasts  1:31 Final Conflict - Ashes To Ashes
Cast Out  1:32 Hounds of Hate No Redemption
Basta!  2:27 RADICALS Explotaremos si es Necesario
All The Same  1:23 PSO SKATE, SLAM, JAM
Take Control  1:33 S.W.T.Records NUNHEX - Disruptive Deception
Cheap Disguise  0:59 Protester [BE-X] Demo
Modern Slavery  1:59 The Hangouts Reason's Falling Down

Evil Behind The Wheel (background)  3:05 Animal Train
47  1:54 Mosquito Teeth Mosquito Teeth Sampler
Hollow Life  1:16 Rats Blood 8 tracks demo
I Hate This Town  1:18 Moral Decline America For Sale
The Ultimatum  1:24 New Mexican Disaster Squad Self-Titled (AF032)
Why You're Crying  0:52 Rabies Disease Core
The Chick From Tilt Knows Big Words But We Don't  0:49 Mad Cow Dizeaze 182 Split 7" with Contra
Drunk By Accident  0:42 Nuclear Tomorrow Songs in My Head

I Walk Alone (background) 4:15 S.W.T.Records BELLIGERENTS - DISCOGRAPHY
Contagious  2:52 Guttermouth Gusto!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #102

Episode 102... Jacks was down so we delayed an episode for a week.  Send him some love for good health in the Podunk Radio chat room.  Just the regular non regular...

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Whoa dude punk...

Strike Out  0:39 Vicious Circle Not So Quiet On The Western Front
Options  1:59 The Proletariat This Is Boston, Not L.A.
Dry Heaves  1:35 D.R.I. (1992) Definition
Seven Years  1:42 The Hi-Fives Welcome To My Mind

Where's My Hooligans (background)  2:27 Hub City Stompers Ska Ska Black Sheep
riot in the city  2:08 AntiDote Back In Year Zero
Back To Basic  1:35 Dropend Demonstration 2011 (japan)
Gobierno no  0:40 Eizen Desarme O Muerte
Roy's Dick Shrinks On Dope  1:22 Alcoholic White Trash I Can't Skate
Bug Blood  2:17 The Stupids Jesus Meets the Stupids

New Tattoo (background)  3:30 Hub City Stompers Ska Ska Black Sheep
Projetos Atomicos  1:11 Besthoven A Bomb Raid Into Your Mind...2002/03/05
Quest for Reality  2:29 Cause for Alarm Cheaters and the Cheated
Budaya Kalian Bagaikan Nazi  1:11 Desire
Total Totalitarism 3rd  1:03 Earth Crust Displacement
Drugscore  1:16 Crust Collapse Freedom Punker
Hate!  1:12 Free Speech Freedom Punker

Never Surrender  2:11 Framtid Defeat Of Civilization LP
Don't Call Me a Moshist  1:48 In Defence Into the Sewer
Sbitch(Usa)  1:39 Iron Columns Iron Columns
Kick Her Out  1:16 The Loudmouths The Loudmouths
Sob Story  1:51 Minor Threat Minor Threat: Complete Discography
Fear  1:13 Destroy North America Freedom Punker 18
Prisoners of Religion  2:00 Sewer Trench Freedom Punker 18

No More  1:48 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #101

Show 101... Took a couple weeks off because we're lazy... and nothing beats a show with both bros, so we let 100 run a couple weeks.  Same ole pot of beans that gramps throws on the stove this week.

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Tuesdays (4PM PST) catch us on Texas proud PUNK station Podunk Radio www.podunkradio.com

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Punk 101(no college credits)...

british invasion  2:04 Common Enemy outsiders
Hidrofòbia  0:57 Dissapte Hidrofòbia / Invisibilitat
City of Pop  0:45 Bukkake Boys Bukkake Boys EP
Motions  1:41 Frustration Paranoia & Regret

03 弁解ノ余地ナシ  1:18 Assfort 亞吸不汚吐
Years of Dread  1:36 Stripmines Crimes of Dispassion
Get Out  2:02 The Fuck Ups FU82 EP
Dynamics of a Shit Heap  2:19 Skate Korpse Skate Korpse - Discography LP
Cross My Path  1:21 Blunt Force [BE-14] Demo
Golden child  1:45 Secret Police They're everywhere

American Made  1:32 Guttermouth Live From The Pharmacy
Execution Style  0:21 Beartrap Nailed Shut 7"
Online Punx  0:42 Shitmouth Revenge Of Hot Nuns
Fuck The Cops  2:03 Poison Politix Enjoy !!!
No Son Of Mine  1:54 Skrunt
Beyond The Pizzabox  1:57 A.N.S. Let Them Eat Wood
no existen palomas blancas en mi barrio  1:00 Los Crudos flat earth recs 22.5 - 'canciones para liberar nuestras fronteras' lp
Not Ashamed  1:22 SkyBurnsBlack Records True Liberty - Brotherhood

shock treatment  1:35 Lebenden Toten State Laughter
Armageddon  0:26 Siege Drop Dead
Out For Blood  2:21 Total Confusion Politics Murdered Christ
Perang!!!  1:35 Squarepunk
01 - Welfare/Warfare  2:01 Eaten Raw Demo 2012
Fluffer  1:20 The Damn Dirty Apes The Apes Of Wrath
Fast Food Diet  0:58 The Faction Collection 1982-1985

Into The Friend Zone  1:27 The Fanboys Demo Gear Solid II
DrDoom- mördfall  0:54 FUCK IT, I QUIT! VA - IN GRIND WE CRUST (diy noize2)
US of CC  1:51 The Past Freedom Punker
I'll never make it home  1:08 Eating Bullets The post 911 sound

Dopefiend  1:54 The Bugs THE BUGS

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #100 ("Best of" II)

Episode #100... Another show with both of us at the plate.  What we think is good PUNK... you may not.  Thanks for tuning in 100 times to the most unorganized podcast in the land, but always more punk than you!

Download and stream here (iTunes as well):

Archive page:

Each week on www.podunkradio.com Podunk Radio Tuesdays 4PM PST

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Best of Punk?...

Good Friday  1:09 Guttermouth Musical Monkey
The Blood Runs red  1:18 Disflesh War would be disastrous
Los crudos - Asesinos.  1:01
Poseur  0:32 NOFX Catching Zzz's
Drunk & Depressed  1:24 The Transgressions Stop Wasting My Time - EP

Young 'Til I Die  2:01 7 Seconds The Crew
Annihilation  1:27 Crucifix Dehumanization LP Hardcore
I'd Rather Be Sleeping  1:10 D.R.I. Dealing With
i am the media  2:04 Gag Order 6 song sampler
germ attak public enemy number one  2:03
Can't Relate  1:03 GUNS 'N ROSA PARKS Antifreeze EP
Two Hats  2:14 Kicker Not You
Eat Shit and Live  0:51 Iron Reagan Demo 2012
Boston Not La  0:25 The Freeze This is Boston, Not LA
Boycott Everything  1:18 Poison Planet Boycott Everything

Never turn your back (On a mosh)  0:43 RAD This is rad
Short Temper  1:10 SHORT TEMPER! Urban Beat Reggae
Uniform  0:15 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies
McShred  2:48 McRad Absence of Sanity
Choosing Sides  0:58 Altered Boys [BE-08] s/t
Spineless  1:35 Blunt Force [BE-14] Demo
Artificial Life  2:05 Operation Ivy Operation Ivy
Brownie Bottom Sundae  1:47 A.F.I. Answer That And Stay Fashionable
Mattersville  2:29 NOFX The War On Errorism
Bones Brigade - I Hate Myself When I'm Not Skateboarding  0:45
I Don't Like It  0:46 Assbackwards Surrounded By Pigs
Beer junkies-Straight edge asshole  0:20

Trinket Trading, Tick Toting, Toothless Tired, Tramps / 7t's  2:17 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
1 - Through My Eyes  1:50 The Posers Worse Than Nothing
Dr. Knowy  0:33 FearEction FearEction (Demo 2012)
Half Shitfaced  1:30 The Queers Beat Off
I Wish I Was A Mexican  0:48 The Bugs THE BUGS
I Want Chinese Food  2:46 Drunken Cholos (queers) Livin La Vida Loco
Friendly Fire  2:06 A Global Threat Where the Sun Never Sets
Morning After  1:48 Chaos UK The Morning After The Night Before
Grey  2:48 Frustration Paranoia & Regret

F*Ck The 1%  2:31 Fight Music Let Them Eat Cock Alternative

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #99 ("Best of" I)

Episode #99... The Mad Ax is in the house and we give you a little "best of" theme (well, what we think may qualify).  Less sports this time, same great PUNK madness! Let us know if we left you out.  Thanks to Jacks, Fowler, and our boyz Fight Music.  #100 will be the same theme.

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99 bottles of Punk on the wall...

BBB  1:40 Guttermouth Gorgeous
Told Ya So  1:10 Nobodys The Smell Of Victory
I Hate It  0:49 Nobodys The Smell Of Victory
You Say I'm Scum  1:55 D.R.I Thrash Zone
7 Bands Fight Music  3:52

Youth Brigade (background) - Sink With California  4:13
Ashtray  2:00 Screeching Weasel Weasel Mania
And Now We Dance  2:04 The Vandals Deep Thoughts
Incest is Funny  0:46 The Neverland Ranch-Hands 13 songs in 13 minutes for 13 year old girls
Bottled Violence  0:54 Minor Threat Minor Threat: Complete Discography
Skate & Destroy  1:54 The Faction Collection (1982-1985)

Victims of Society (then background) White Pigs S/T ep, 1984
Let's F**King Go!!!  1:26 Spazz Crush Kill Destroy
Discrimination  1:56 Unamused Red, White and Brainwashed ''7 EP
Corruption  2:20 Submachine-Rust Records
Life On The Run (Album Version)  2:01 Time Again The Stories Are True
Babylon  2:05 Total Chaos 17 Years of Chaos
Run in a Circle  1:30 The Old-timers SOLI DEO GLORIA

Dumb Little Band  (background) 2:32 Mr. T Experience Love Is Dead
Talk To Me Summer (background) 1:55 Screeching Weasel Anthem For A New Tomorrow
Psycho Bitch  2:39 Dogsflesh Vision of Hell
BRAINDEAD  1:00 Sick Pig
Bomb The Hills  2:07 RKC Roadkill Carnivore PartyViolence
Throwaway Society   1:16 Nihilist Cunt Nihilist Cunt - You're Next... 7"
All life ends  2:09 Deathraid All life ends
PC Full Of Shit  1:41 Oppressed Logic The Past Ain't Gonna Change

A New Bronze Age (background) 3:47 Fight Music Let Them Eat Cock
500 Days Of Bummer (background) 2:36 Fight Music Let Them Eat Cock
Note To Self...Shut Up  1:11 Common Enemy Late Night Skate
Moshpit Song  1:26 Submarine Screendoor Come Out Swinging
Six Pack Girls  0:36 NoFX Maximum RockNRoll
Beer And Gear  1:44 Mickey And The Big Mouths Punk Is Not Enuf

F.D.K. (Fearless Doctor Killers)  2:16 Mudhoney My Brother The Cow

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #98

Episode 98... Another shorter one, same business!  Next two shows will be a "Best of..." theme.

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Find us each and every week on:

Tuesdays 7PM EST on www.podunkradio.com

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Punk for you...

Watch It Burn  3:00 Dr. Know The Best of Dr. Know
Blockhead  0:57 D.R.I. (1982) Dirty Rotten LP/ Violent Pacification EP
Breakout  1:43 UXB Not So Quiet On The Western Front
02-tonight...  2:12 THE OFFSPRING - subject to blackout demo july 1986 (CA)
Short Attention Span  0:09 Fizzy Bangers Short Music For Short People

Victims & Volunteers (background)  3:11 Jugheads Revenge Deep Thoughts
Race War  1:35 The Unawares Not So Quiet On The Western Front
A Way Of Life  1:23 Runnin' Riot Punk Shit Vol.1
Jogo Sujo  2:36 Abuso Sonoro Jogo Sujo
It's Their Game  1:56 Fake Patriots Punk Shit Vol.1
The Jeffersons  0:54 Latex Generation SHOW & TELL - A Stormy Remembrance Of TV Theme Songs

Neddy Smith  (background) 2:48 Stanley Knife The Great Australian Fuckwit EP
Second DUI  2:32 Guttermouth Eat Your Face
The Way It Goes  1:04 Out Of Use Punk Shit Vol.1
Frustration  1:33 Lower East Side Stiches Social Chaos '99
Ghouls Night Out  1:44 Goldfinger Violent World: A Tribute To The Misfits
Sheer Terror  1:29 Government Issue Legless Bull
Tomorrow Belongs To Us  1:33 Discharge Punk And Destroy

Do It All Again  (background) 2:59 JJ Nobody and the Regulars Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 3
Run  2:52 Frenzal Rhomb Survival Of The Fattest

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #97

Episode 97...  A shorter, less painful version.  Joe Syph's band to end it.

Stream and download here:


Every week on www.podunkradio.com and www.brutalexistenceradio.net

Shorter not sweeter PUNK...

Powerslave  1:31 FOKKUM Notice yourself
Old Glory  1:06 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP
Going Nowhere  2:21 Critical Me Promised Land
What's My Name  1:44 The Clash Live: From Here to Eternity

Halfpipe  2:05 Dehumanizers Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 5
Day 3 (No Dirty Water)  2:03 Retching Red Get Your Red Wings
Confrontacion  0:59 Sangre Kallejera Demo2013
Eraser  1:24 S.H.I.T. - live @ soybomb,ontario-canada april 6, 2013 (canada) live at soybomb 04.06.2013
Boot Party  1:27 Fang All Tanked Up
Dying Of Stress  2:05 Texas Theives Forced Vacation
Black Thoughts  1:01 OFF! First Four EPs

No Use  3:14 Monster Squad All Tanked Up
D.F.C.: Odeio Essas Musicas  0:34 D.F.C. Cheap Ass Music Vol.1
Seein' Stars  1:20 Falling Sickness Funeral Oration
Pus Fuck  1:51 The Blurters The Great Australian Fuckwit EP
Time to Buy a Futon  2:00 S.N.F.U. Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 5
Blood Days  1:40 Unity Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 7
We Have Changed  2:10 Head First Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 7
Be Someone  1:07 Insted Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 7

Beer Can Baby  2:39 The Deities Six Armed Ditties

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #96

Episode 96... Some thrash in the background, tunes from the 80's, and a handful of licks from 1996.  A bunch of punk pulled right from ole archive.org.

Stream right from your smart device or download for free here:


Find us over on the one and only Texas Punk Rock radio  www.podunkradio.com and metal-head www.brutalexistenceradio.net

Send us something to brosgrim@podunkradio.com and Jacks some more crappy tunes to submissions@podunkradio.com.

Punk licks...

What's Gone Wrong  1:40 Guttermouth Friendly People
Riot Squad  1:46 10-96 No Retreat
high hopes  2:23 GORILLA BISCUITS - live @ the electric factory-this is hardcore fest,philadelphia-PA 08-11-2012 (N.Y.)
Voice From Occupationland  2:01 This Is My Fist I Don't Want to Startle You... 7"

mr. Hyde  (background) 3:31 NUM SKULL violent existence 1986-1995
pseudo skater  0:43 OPEN YOUR MIND positive core demo #2 1986
Church  0:39 No Qualms No, You Calm Down!
Nightmare Strikes Back  1:56 Go Filth Go 5 Tracks Noise
Horror of it All ???? 1:33 Archive.org/ Trashed Tapes 
I dont give a shit about you ???? 1:52 Archive.org/ Trashed Tapes 
thick brains  1:13 ENTROPY 1984-1985 demo's

join the family (background) 3:14 NUM SKULL violent existence 1986-1995
noise ain't dead  1:47 DEAD MEAT 1987 demo-unreleased lp
paranoid (BLACK SABBATH)  1:31 DEAD MEAT 1987 demo-unreleased lp
liberty,sold out  1:02 FALSE UNITY demo 2006
Redefined Lines  2:04 The Mongoloids Assorted Music
lost  1:57 SOREX Demo 84
fucking order  1:34 MATA MATA life during wartime-KBOO 2010

future:our terror (background) 4:06 NUM SKULL violent existence 1986-1995
Fuck The Middle East  0:27 S.O.D. Speak English Or Die
blue light  2:00 WASTE (the netherlands) st 7'' 1982
downcast  1:40 CIVILIZED infinitie distortion-WFMU
MENTRAL DISTRESS (france) - i'd rather die than listen to NOFX  1:01 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! #9
NO STATIK (U.$.A.) - the owl  2:07 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! compilation #9
Bleeding Innocence  1:50 Redscare 1996 Demo

the awakening  (background) 2:41 EVIL DEAD the awakening demo '87
Abrazo Mortal  1:00 ÖBNI Chaos BCN
A.V.  1:31 The Dead Smurfs Concord's Most Wanted 1996 demo
Kanker Sores "You're Deaf" 1996 Punk  2:07  
Choosing Your Masters  1:39 The Vandals The Quickening

500 Days Of Bummer  2:36 Fight Music Let Them Eat Cock

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #95

Episode 95...  Filled with a good dose of '90s yuck yuck.  Celebrating nothing really.  Enjoy!

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Punk Yuck...

Do What You Want  1:07 Bad Religion Suffer
Homesick  2:18 Pennywise Unknown Road
Generous Portions  1:44 Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
Brain Constipation  2:25 NoFX Ribbed

Reno Nickel (background)  3:07 The Smugglers Selling The Sizzle!
Hanging Around  3:31 Screeching Weasel Wiggle
I Don't Like You  0:46 Nobodys The Smell Of Victory
Dumb Motherfucker  1:15 Holier Than Thou? The Hating Of The Guts
Two Faced Fuck  2:06 ForFuckSake Trapped Like A Rat
Media Obsession  1:38 Traumatized Demo 2014
I Pendelns Barm  1:14 Dödsdömd Beskåda Vår Vackra Värld 7''

You Got A Great Body, But Your Record Collection Sucks (background)  2:27 Sloppy Seconds More Trouble Than They're Worth
This Is No Democracy  1:23 ß-Caroteen Freedom Punker
Violent Outburst  2:06 Violent Outburst Demo 2012
Sick Punk  1:32 HOAX HOAX LP
Romantic Gorilla - I'm on Diet  1:38 Spazz & Romantic Gorilla split
War On Wankers  2:09 Z & B All Tanked Up
Punk Ass Nitpick  1:17 Funeral Shock 2002 Demo

Crying In My Beer (background)  3:52 Screeching Weasel Wiggle
Eyes Of The Blind  2:07 Dogsflesh Revival Of Species
Conquest  0:58 Anger Burning  
Turn Down the Silence  1:46 Toxicology Freedom Punker
Circulos  0:53 Fracaso Demo Grabado En 2011(s. america)
Stop It!  1:50 Fokkum Freedom Punker
Femme Fontaine  0:29 FELD HÜRE Demo

Big Trouble (background)  2:38 The Smugglers Selling The Sizzle!
Day After Day  1:45 Gasmask Terrör s/t LP
Captain Testosterone  1:45 Family Values BMHC
El bus  1:46 Rasix Latinoamérica
Olho De Gato  0:41 Olho Seco Os Primeiros Dias
high tide  1:35 fractures Demo 2014
Hey Joe  1:57 Swellbellys Freedom Fighters EP
Show One's Colors  1:38 RAID RAID demo 2000

Second Floor East (background) 2:58 Screeching Weasel Wiggle
Walk  1:52 Snuff Survival Of The Fattest

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #94

Episode 94... More Bleeding Edges Records that you can find on bandcamp.com.  My computer is cutting me off.  Missed the few first bands and some other shit.  Ended up under an hour... that's amazing...  and some rants from Stussey: http://werstcasescenario.tumblr.com/

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Ripping PUNK as usual...

Smash'd by Common Enemy  1:12 S.W.T.Records Common Enemy / Eat You Alive - Split 7"
DxSxEx by Eat You Alive  0:57 S.W.T.Records Common Enemy / Eat You Alive - Split 7"
...and You Wonder Why  0:46 Burnpile What About You
Dude's Gonna Shoot  1:31 Nobodys Generation XXX

(HD) The Mar-Keys (background)- Last Night  2:39
Moving forward  1:14 Question st 7''
Choosing Sides  0:58 Altered Boys [BE-08] s/t
We Own These Streets  1:20 Trapped Minors Crime for Thrash EP
Skate Punks  1:02 The Imposters Vol. 1 Collection: 2006-2011
Chris Pooped at the Skatepark  1:08 Spazz Crush, Kill, Destroy
Modern Schools  0:33 Capitalist Casualties Subdivisions in Ruin

Juggernaut (background) 1:55 May The Force Be With You The Flood
Poser Kids  1:50 Firing Squad Angry Punk for Urban Skunx
Dog Assassin- Human Satisfaction  1:29 Dog Assassin_Imperial States of America_Spacement Recs reno
out of hope out of rope out of time  1:10 Career Suicide anthology of releases 2001-03
Silencing Tongues  1:36 Phibes [BE-02] Demo
Todschicker- gedanken eines rebellen  1:43 Los Rezios_Todschicker split Wahnfried Recs2001
Your Vote Counts_for nothing  0:24 Regress-Look Whos Pulling The Strings_Lengua Armada 2003

existence  (background) 2:53 Gag Order 6 song sampler
Failed At Life  0:44 Birth Deformities [BE-03] Demo
This Ain't Hawaii - DeeCracks  1:54 Various Artists Screech Like A Weasel
Nerves- Caught Out Again  1:13 The Boredom And The BS comp UK Refusenik 1995
Retarded Nation  1:09 Citizens Patrol Retarded Nation
Päivi  1:06 D-Beatles Kymmenen Tikkiä
Not Here To Make Friends  1:12 Bloodtype [BE-01] Bringin' More Stuff Down

Track 13 (background) 3:11 Austrian Death Machine Total Brutal
Suppression With Violence  1:20 Deprived Resistence In The 1980's
Get Out Of Our Sight  2:37 Assault Assault demo
Work take shit lather rinse repeat   2:37 Any Last Words s/t Havoc Recs 2003
02-stop  0:44 SYSTEM BASTARD - demo 2013 (groningen) demo 2013
Not For Me  1:56 The Lab Rats Start Thinking
Guilty  1:32 Rutabaga Suicide Never Break

Let's Hear A Cheer (background) 2:16 The Hi-Fives Welcome To My Mind
A Perfect World  2:29 Guttermouth Live At The House Of Blues
07 väärin  1:18 Herätys s/t
Little Boys  1:12 The Neverland Ranch-Hands 13 songs in 13 minutes for 13 year old girls
MK-ULTRA - Worker vs. Parasite (a.k.a. The Cihak Stomp)  0:53

Gusto (background) 2:13 Guttermouth Gusto!
Track 12  1:35 Fight Music The Pursuit of Crappyness

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #93

Episode 93...  I found a ton of cool stuff from Bleeding Edges Records to share this week! http://bleedingedgeslabel.bandcamp.com

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Punk out!...
As Millions Suffer  2:31 Disgust Brutality of War
Ramen Noodles  0:50 DISCOUNT ''Le beat en rabais'' EP
(SH)RED CURBS  1:12 Future Primitive. FP14
Ready to fight  1:02 Negative Approach Total recall

Leave Nothing Alone  1:21 Kremlin V/A People Mostly Suck It
Not So Pretty  2:00 Slugz V/A People Mostly Suck It
Bodega Justice  1:49 Dipers V/A People Mostly Suck It
Alltid Beredt  1:11 LIVSTID Livstid
Tan Cerca Pero Tan Lejos  0:27 ODIOSOS DIOS Split 2013
Fastcore '82  1:03 Attitude Era Demo

Eastenders  1:35 Pink Turds In Space
Gun Walker  1:42 Boddicker False Flag
Bomba na cara  1:16 Calibre 12   
donkey punch  1:26 DSC a soundtrack for the apocalypse vol. 1
Seniorcide  0:52 Family Values BMHC

Masks  1:36 Man Will Destroy Himself This is a Test
Spineless  1:35 Blunt Force [BE-14] Demo
Tofu Terror  1:28 Pisschrist Pisschrist demo 2004
Warning  2:03 The Statistix Forties and Foodstamps
Let You Forget  1:25 Protester [BE-12] s/t
Life Is Miserable  2:03 Inhuman The New Nightmare (AF028)
Planetary Enslavement  1:10 Razorheads [BE-13] s/t

Don't Care  1:00 Wrong Decision [BE-07] The US Tape
The Virus  1:25 Idiot Talk Same LP
Proud To Be Dumb  1:31 Oblivionation [BE-06] Demo
Shut Away  1:31 The Flex [BE-05] The Demo

Conflict Of Interest  0:50 Sectarian Violence [BE-04] Conflict of Interest demo 2012
Blood and Honor  1:40   Blues
Chinese Cabbage  1:14 Logic Problem Logic Problem Demo
03 弁解ノ余地ナシ  1:18 Assfort 亞吸不汚吐

Food Storage  2:40 Guttermouth Gorgeous

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #92

Episode 92... Just a bunch of PUNK licks!  Oh yeah, Nao Conformismo was the band that got butchered in this episode.

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Punk alert...
Hypogrite  3:24 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP
Skate Hospital  1:56 Skate Korpse Skate Korpse - Discography LP
Caída en skate  1:42 Intenta Detenerme Armagedón Pit
Hoy Pinoy - School Desk Blastbea  1:15 Birds out Records Out The Cage Compilation

Dog Notes  2:41(background) Beercan! We Drink Together
A04. Mohawk Struggle  2:04 Mushroom Attack (Mushroom Attack/Forgotten Prophecy split LP)
Noise  1:26 Post Atomïc Dogs Demo [2012]
Goonslaughter  1:31 RKC Barrage of Lurkers
Monster  2:08 Pipedown Enemies Of Progress (AF012)
Shadows  1:45 Yama Dori Records GOVERNMENT FLU Holes 7"EP
Space Invaders  2:39 Face the Rail Face the Rail

New Metal  2:38 (background) Beercan! Beercan!
Human Targets  2:08 The Donner Party The Spawning
Placebo  1:23 Sucked Dry S/T 7"
Man You Suck!  1:07 Betercore Youth Crust Discography
Positive Mental Attitude  0:54 Buff Shit Highschool Was Okay
Die at War  1:17 Antidote Thou Shalt Not Kill
Impending March Of The Zeta Reticulans  1:17 Anthrot The Fucking Tape

Aliens  3:08 (background) Beercan! Beercan!
Bed Bugs Are Back  1:09 Dipers Demo tape
06 Instantes Covardes  1:31 NaoConformismo-Basta
Red Tide - Incubator Slide  1:36 MRR 1984 comp
Inferno (Disaster cover)  1:50 Nuclear Death Terror Nuclear Death Terror
Regulate  0:52 Noose  
On the Streets  1:15 Cülo My Life Sucks and I Could Care less
Commuter Man  0:58 D.R.I. Dirty Rotten LP Hardcore

Food for Families  2:43 (background) Beercan! We Drink Together
Bombs of Peace  1:49 Disflesh War would be disastrous
Holy War  1:52 Cervix Winter Tour 2010 tape
Earslaughter  1:48 EARSLAUGHTER ''Roka Smrti'' EP Slovenia
D&D  0:58 Poor Choice Teenage Love Is Beautiful 7"
Bloody Concrete  1:01 Dirty Work S/T 7"
Falso Punk  1:29 Destruye Tus Miedos Rapido Veloz E Intenso

B-Digi  2:39 (background) Beercan! We Drink Together
Twerp Jerk  1:33 Twerps Bloodspit Boys 7"

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #91

Episode 91 starting off with some Bay Area CA fury!  A bunch of bandcamp.com rippage!  Remember we're on the Stitcher phone app.

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Firry Punk...

Sea Of Blood  1:25 Deathtoll All Tanked Up
Lost My Brain  2:46 Cheap Skate All Tanked Up
Flat Out Fucked  1:16 STFU All Tanked Up
Boring Fucking Life  2:32 MDL (Sac) All Tanked Up
Fight Music (Chico, CA)Bros Grim Theme song

1, 2, 3, Slam!  1:46 Guttermouth Deep Thoughts
Condemned Unit: Slow Death  2:26 Condemned Unit Cheap Ass Music Vol.1
On Bended Knee  1:37 Repercussions s/t EP Hardcore
Banned in citrus heights  1:07 RAD Loud & Fast
Eat Trash  2:18 SkyBurnsBlack Records Civil Defense - Propaganda The Album
Traitor  0:31 Agnostic Front Short Music For Short People
Blindness  1:36 SkyBurnsBlack Records Our Corpse Destroyed - The System

Stay In The Truck  0:41 Badeatinghabits Cheap Ass Music Vol.1
American Dream  1:42 Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Benny Got Blowed Up  1:05 NoFX Wolves In Wolves' Clothing
Death Pact  0:51 Poison Idea The Early Years
I Wanna Be A Yank  2:32 Fucked Up Have You Seen My Mind?

War In The Head  0:40 7 Seconds Old School 12"
Vi Kan  0:52 Mob 47 Ultimate Attack-Complete Discography
My Board  1:11 The Obtruders The Obtruders Demo 
Decay Poisons  1:47 Rats Blood 8 tracks demo
Save The Smokes  1:42 The Satans The Satans
Don't Forget  2:00 SkyBurnsBlack Records True Liberty - This Is War

Justified  2:16 SkyBurnsBlack Records The Remnants - Nobody Home Ep
Problem Addict  1:41 Collusion Demo 2014
Fake-Smart  2:32 SUBSTANCE ABUSE Demo 2013 (Australia)
New Plague, Same Shit  1:12 DISCOUNT ''New Plague'' EP (Canada, 2009)

My Right  2:57 Screeching Weasel Weasel Mania

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #90

Episode 90... Nothing to report, except Fractures and Bum City Saints from Bay Area CA.

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Tuesdays 4pm Cali time on www.podunkradio.com

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Punk to enjoy...

coffin ship  1:12 fractures Demo 2014 http://fracturesbeats.bandcamp.com/
Same as war  1:21 Abraham Cross Various Artists- Tokyo Crusties 7"
Hipster  0:36 ADJUSTEMENT TO SOCIETY VA - Welcome To 2013
Oh Snap, it's Bigfoot! by Common Enemy  0:27 S.W.T.Records Common Enemy / Eat You Alive - Split 7"

Haunted  3:47 the Dead Beat (background)Cocktails from the Crypt
Beer Nazi  1:46 Poison Politix Enjoy !!!
Skank  1:34 Urban Waste  Urban Waste [EP]
What Are You Celebrating  0:43 BORED STRAIGHT VA - Welcome To 2013
No Need For Cruelty  2:00 Unamused Haven't You Been Deceived
Anarchy  2:48 Total Chaos The Early Years: 1989-1993
Bad Luck  0:35 two crosses Revenge EP

Medicine  2:45 the Dead Beat (background)Cocktails from the Crypt
Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind  0:48 Charles Bronson Youth Attack!
Family Matters Fastcore  1:05 xSteve Urkelx Family Matters Fastcore EP
Nihil Baxter - NxB Ain't Nuthin' Ta Fuck Wit'  0:42
Assholes can't go fast  0:46 xKATExMOSHx s/t 7''
Henry Fonda - Homophobia Can Suck It  0:22     1
Minor Damage  0:28 Sissy Spacek Vanishing Point 7"

8 bit Ramones (background)
Why?  1:25 Union 13 Why Are We Destroying Ourselves?
A Turn Away  2:49 Subvert Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 7
The Bored And The Lost  2:43 Born To Lose The Dreams Of Kids
03  2:39 C.O.S.A. Cache Of Strategic Arms demo 199?
Re-Educated  1:31 Brain Killer Brain Killer III
System Hell  1:18 Nerveskade Perdition / Nerveskade Split EP
Called to War  2:02 Anonymouse Demo 2014
I'm not anti Girls, Girls are anti me  0:53 Surf Nazis must die Anti-Everything

Guttermouth - (background)Sexual Abuse  3:34
I Live Alone  1:29 Stressors Psychotic Break 7"
Had Your Time  2:28 The Testicles Sucks
Fuck The Lottery  1:56 The Restarts Frustration EP
Not For Babies  0:38 Hummingbird of Death Show Us The Meaning Of Haste CD
Guilty Till Proven Innocent  1:55 Moral Decline America For Sale
Rules to Live By  0:50 Growing Stronger Toxic Fumes
Leadershit  0:18 Shitstorm Split 7"
Confused  1:44 Hellkrusher Wasteland H
Dead Men Walking  1:44 Bum City Saints Raw & Real

My Town  2:37 Guttermouth Gusto!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mad Ax & Dep Dog in: "Salute Your Sports"

The Bros Salute Your Sports Special.  "What's Gone Wrong?"... Well a whole lot!  Guttermouth got cut off.  And Fight Music plays the third song in that set, not the first as mentioned. Sheesh!  Recorded some time in May in Reno, Nevada.

Download and stream from your smart phone here:


Tuesdays on www.podunkradio.com

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Sports and Beer...

Jocks from Hell  1:25 Voodoo Glow Skulls Firme
Jock Itch  0:47 SSD The Kids Will Have Their Say
Skate and Destroy  2:59 Vomit Violence s/t
 Highschool Footabll Hero  1:44 A.F.I. Answer That And Stay Fashionable
bros intro  1:22 bros intro   

Call More Dudes Part 3 (Girls are Dudes Too)  1:02 In Defence Into the Sewer
What's Gone Wrong  1:40 Guttermouth Friendly People
fucked it up again  2:10 Varukers Hellbound
Dead Inside  2:11 Anti-Heroes Angry Punk for Urban Skunx
What Will Kill Me First?  1:28 Common Enemy Brain Dead

Let the Games Begin  0:50 Vapo-Rats Sports EP
Fuck Work  2:14 Warcola Dallas Punks
Wormeaters- Preserve the right  1:36 In 
God We Thrust Hardware Recs  
Teenage Circumcision  0:42 Total Fucker Totally Fucked demo 2012 (us) 
SBV- Flab Is Fab  1:57 SBV   

Old School  1:46 Bricks and Bottles Angry Punk for Urban Skunx
Surprise Attack  2:02 Slut Fungus Shittin Pretty
Track 8  2:31 Fight Music The Pursuit of Crappyness
Warpaint  2:23 LargeLumpSum PunkRock Concoction 2
Go Baby Go  1:44 Ugly Bones 180 Proof Ep

(Theme From) The Monkees  0:46 
Furious George Show & Tell: A Stormy Remembrance of TV Themes    
En Lek Med Livet  1:17 Sunday Morning Einsteins Public Safety

Stranger Than Fishin  0:52 NOFX Catching Zzz's
Burritos and Wrestling  1:34 Venkman 7"
Do Some Harm  2:23 Career Suicide Public Safety

Meow  1:12 Berzerk Hot Curly Weenie, Vol. 2
I Saw Elvis [#]  1:06 Les Turds Hot Curly Weenie, Vol. 2
Stingray  1:53 The Hi-Fives Show & Tell: A Stormy Remembrance of TV Themes
Waisted For Days  3:06 Blue Ribbon Boys (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three

Beer  0:42 B Sides (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three
Chug A Lug  2:17 Ding Dang (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three
Dirty Wine  2:35 Seawolf (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three
Beer (Not Beer)  0:46 Venkman 7"
Boozehound  1:48 UGLYBoNES Die Partying EP
Hakimashita (I Vomited)  1:19 Lizards (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three

Red Carpet Crackdown  1:13 Tramps Tramps Demo
You're Only Punk Once  1:48 Worlds Scariest Police Chases NOFX and out come the wolves dookie (AF666)
Pick Em' Up Truck  2:09 The Smugglers Selling The Sizzle!

Saying GoodBye  1:12 Nobodys Generation XXX
Summer's Over  1:48 Guttermouth Friendly People
The Quass  1:18 NoFX Punk in Drublic
Peanuts and Crackerjacks  1:07 Vapo-Rats Sports EP
The SHAME oi! "For Football and the Pints"  2:52    

I Play Football  0:53 Vapo-Rats Sports EP
Wyoming  2:43 Bar Feeders (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three
Blah- Happy POGO Punk Song  7:07 Blah- Bristles split Abnandoned Music 1993
I'm Pissed  0:48 The Queers Back To The Basement

Enough  2:25 Submarine Screendoor Come Out Swinging

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #88

Episode 88... and I didn't even play any 88 Fingers Louie!  Luger!

Download or burn up your data here:


Every week on www.podunkradio.com and www.brutalexistenceradio.net

Send us stuff to brosgrim@podunkradio.com.

Twitter: @BrosGrimPunk

88 Fingerless Louie...

First-Class Asshole  2:00 The Posers Anti-Christian Animosity
A New Bronze Age  3:47 Fight Music Let Them Eat Cock
The Next Faux Mowheekon  2:42 Guttermouth Eat Your Face
Fight Music with the Bros Grim Theme

Let's Twist Again (background)  2:21 Chubis Checkis The Best of Golden Oldies
Total Death  1:38 The Filthy Cheaters Wake the Dead Punk/Rock'n'roll
Thrash Compact Murder Song  1:38 Thrash Compacter
mortar  1:24 fractures Demo 2014

Cheap Sex and Booze (background) Public Nuisance
No Room   1:08 E.N.D. Fear Of The Unknown
Punk's Out  1:36 Arsenal of Empties Arsenal of Empties
Road Rash  1:42 Survivors Will Be Shot Again Terror Invasion
Carnivore Christian  2:33 Doom 25 Years of Crust
Invasion  1:57 Heädshöt Fuck The War

Kill Kill Kill (background) Moral Decline
Chronic Seizure- Violent Opposition  1:28 Brainsick ep Fashionable Idiots Recs 2005
Regress- We Gotta Protect The Scene  2:01 Regress-Look Whos Pulling The Strings_Lengua Armada 2003
Los Rezios- geschichten erzahleh  1:14 Los Rezios_Todschicker split Wahnfried Recs2001
Union- United Nations Of America  1:50 Union Anaeathetized 7in ep_Tribal War 1992
Walk Your Board  1:20 A.N.S. My Revenge Split
The Blame  0:51 Altered Boys Deranged ep

Be Bop A lula (background) The Monsters
Rise and Fall  1:05 Crucifix Nineteen Eighty Four 7"
02.Självutskitna  1:49
Punk Sceno  2:25 End Result End Result demo 1984
profit from death  1:05 Electro Hippies fe 02 - Generic  / Electro Hippies  split lp
mc. donalds  1:55 Crapulius Caesar vulle pulle
pc bastard  0:26 Crapulius Caesar vulle pulle

Wild In The Streets (background) Million Kids
War game  1:00 Crocodile Skink Various Artists- Tokyo Crusties 7"
Battlefields  1:59 Collapse Society Collapse Society demo '93
shut it  0:55 Sawn Off fe 36 - sawn off discography cd 1997-98

Gnome Servant  4:07 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #87

Episode 87...  Fowl mood, so not much talk.  All background music sent by Hells Belles!  See you in the pit!

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87 is punker than most...

Suspicious Activities  1:49 Frustration Paranoia & Regret
...On the battlefield...  1:32 Disease ...On the battlefield...E.P.
Innocent Flesh Boiling  1:07 Dismaster NO GODS BUT DISMASTER
Dr. Knowy  0:33 FearEction FearEction (Demo 2012)

Gasmasks  1:48 Desperata Skrik
Tried My Hardest  2:30 Collusion Demo 2014
Killing Seagulls  1:09 Cerebral Scrub? COITUS MONGLOIDUS
Fog Horn
Derek  2:08 Guttermouth Friendly People
GutterMark bumper
Cock Rocks  0:46 Assbackwards Surrounded By Pigs
Let's Fight The Pigs  0:57 Deportation Deportation
It's All the Under Control  2:17 The Slurm
Baton Charge  2:34 Chemical Threat They Don't Care 
Panic Attack  1:10 Citizens Patrol Citizens Patrol
Police Brutality  3:09 D.O.A. Northern Avenger

Animosity  1:39 Faith In Failure Crustin' It Up (aka The Demo)
Dark Future  1:08 Mean And Ugly Demo 2012
Fight Music Podunk Radio
Shit With Your Eyes  1:51 Gaze Gaze
Mohawk  2:30 RAID RAID demo 2000
Goonies slick shoes
Maldita Sistema - EXILADUS  1:22 v/a - Latinocore II v/a - Latinocore II  Punk (s. america)
Mistaken.Conspiracy_Beeoch  1:34
Those aren't pillows Trains, Planes
Osama W. Bush  1:09 The Larsonists Ghetto Seed
BER bumper
Shitfux_Tourettes  1:04

Track 1  1:42 D.A.C. Unknown Album (04/07/2007 9:22:18 PM)
Listen Morons  0:56 DIRT Drunks In Rusty Transit
PC Full Of Shit  1:41 Oppressed Logic The Past Ain't Gonna Change
Stuck  0:36 No Limbs 2013
WCS Stussey bumper "Most people are like posers.. wimpy"
No comply  1:41 Los Viejos QUEBRANTAHUESOS
Raining Shit  1:39 Pissed Grave Demo 2013
shock treatment  1:35 Lebenden Toten State Laughter

The Undercover Saints-Shit Outta Luck  2:11
Endless Blockades for the Pussyfooter  3:46 G.I.S.M. Detestation Heavy Metal

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #86

Episode 86...  A drinking, stupid and people theme.  Yikes!

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Punk 86'd...

Ecocidal Maniacs  1:32 Union Anaeathetized 7in ep_Tribal War 1992
02-  1:46 DEEF - rehearsal 198? (japan) rehearsal
pollution  2:04 MORIBUND YOUTH - türk hardcore demo's 1991-1992 (turkey) demo 1992
Pressure  0:24 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies

Machine Gun Vendetta (background)- The Seniors are Skydiving  2:42 
Dead End  1:46 Gasmask Terrör Like Daggers EP
Do you hear me?  1:10 Heretic Burgatory Fest 2014 Lineup Mix
Bros the pit bit  0:18 
Chemical X  0:41 Gouge Away Burgatory Fest 2014 Lineup Mix
I Need A Beer  1:48 Randumbs (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three
Warm Beer Makes Me Puke  0:33 Sick/Tired Highlife LP

15 Beer (background) (Song)  3:42 
Fuck You, Fuck Off  2:26 Gaze Gaze
Beer (Not Beer)  0:47 Venkman DEMO 2012
Go No Beer  0:40 Amdi Petersens Army 1998 - 2002
Beer Bong  1:03 Common Enemy Living the Dream?
Justin - Podunk  0:25 
More Beer  0:54 Final Conflict - Ashes To Ashes  129
Beer And Bones  1:43 Hammercocks SHIT: No Sale Radio FREE Download Comp Vol. 2
Beer Junkies Beer Me (master)  0:50 
Beer  0:42 B Sides (V) Twelve Ounces Of Courage Songs About Drinking Episode Three Punk
Keeping it Brutal  0:11 Brutal Existence Radio
Tits Sell Beer  0:54 World War XXIV. No Luck Punk
Drinking Beer  2:04 K.I.L. Ear Infection Vol. 1

The Meteors (background) - I Hate People  2:41 
People Are Shit  1:48 WASTEDEAD Die For a Better Future
Final Verdict  1:29 Sick People What We've Done Is Secret
Asshole  1:40 Guttermouth Friendly People
Angry Planet, Angry People  1:19 Crippled Fox CRIPPLED FOX / LEI DO CAO -split 7"
Who The Hell Are You People  2:06 NoComply One Sided 7"
Stupid People Make Me Hungry  1:45 Party By The Slice Split 7"

Fat Randy (background) 3:03 Voodoo Glow Skulls Firme
Wipeout  1:01 Stupids Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 5
In The Name Of Stupidity  1:13 No Comment
The Crunky Kids - Stupid Breeders  1:37 
PodunkPromo-PodunkShow  0:10 Podunk Radio  PodunkPromo
dubstep is stupid, deathcore is stupid, you are stupid - GIRLSCOUTCOOKIES  0:24 v/a - Fast//LOUD v/a - Fast//LOUD cassette compilation
Mass Stupid  2:30 Tom & Boot Boys Punks Are Alright Pogo
Stupid  1:11 Naked Raygun Throb Throb
Stop Being Stupid  1:36 The Carbonites THIS EP NEEDS A NAME!!!

Screeching Weasel- Waiting For Susie (background)  2:29 Screeching Weasel 7in Look Out 86 1994
Same Shit Bigger Pile  1:15 Rat Damage SacCA st FYBS Recs 2009
Id Rather Be Fighting Than Crying  1:49 Any Last Words s/t Havoc Recs 2003
Discarga- Pela Ciencia  1:47 Discarga s_t 625 Thrashcore 2000 Brasil
SBV- If Lyrics Are Promises then weve all got make up sex coming  1:47
Jackhammer2Face  0:10 Brutal Existence Radio
Voorhees- What Id Do  0:35 The Boredom And The BS comp UK Refusenik 1995
I Smell A Roast  1:59 Bar Feeders 7in 1995 Axhandle Recs
Elephant Man- LAM  1:37 Self Titled 7in Impatience and Indifference Recs SF 2003
Headache- Hate  2:10 The Boredom And The BS comp UK Refusenik 1995

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcst #85

Episode 85... Punk your face off!

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Rock Punkin....

理由ハイラナイ  1:41 Assfort 亞吸不汚吐
Responsibility-  0:36 Hip Cops PFE#56
Human Disease  1:41 Bombed Out PFE#56
We're ----ed  0:58 Victims PFE#56
Hang Ten  (background) 2:30 Ghoul Have You Seen My Mind?

Elite Manilla  1:32 The Smugglers Heide Sez
Falling Down  1:07 I Spy Hot Curly Weenie
Velveeta  2:19 Mr T Experience Heide Sez
Bros the pit bit  0:18 
Wartorn  2:38 Disrespect PE53
We Will Never Die  1:55 Imperial Leather PE53
Bad Attitude  1:42 SNØB SNØB demo 2013 Punk (canada)
Droppin' Trou'  (background) 2:09 Boogie Nazis Pearl Harbor Sessions Tape

Society House  2:49 Mickey And The Big Mouths
Violent Nights  1:11 86 MENTALITY Self-Titled
SOCIETY  1:30 The Sentenced DEMO
Facts  0:24 Common Enemy As the World Burns
Skate For Fun  1:04 Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth demo 2009
Outside In  1:17 Hysteria Can't I Live?
Crucifixion  2:07 Final Conflict Have You Seen My Mind?
John Denverb, Colorado (background) 1:56 Boogie Nazis Pearl Harbor Sessions Tape

Pressure  0:10 Negative Approach Have You Seen My Mind?
Code Rude  2:49 BAT
Positiewe Houding, Negatiewe Wêreld  0:52 Conquest for Death Many Nations, One Underground
Worst Case Scenario Promo-Brutal Existence Radio  0:45 
What Kind Of Future?  1:27 Final Conflict - Ashes To Ashes  129
Kapricho del nicho  2:27 Ovulo Punk Spain
Oberdebaigot El anti yo  2:03 Varios Artistas Puerto Rico Hardcore Punk Rock Ska Sampler 2008
Wild Summer Fun (background) 2:00 Boogie Nazis Pearl Harbor Sessions Tape

Can't We All Just Get Along (At The Dinner Table)  1:47 Guttermouth Friendly People
Abismo Nuclear - Kathie Lee inc.  1:33 Varios Artistas Puerto Rico Sampler 2008
Mendigo  2:29 Punkarra Psicosis Punk III
Puta sociedad  1:33 Blessed noise Psicosis Punk III
Factory Farm  1:55 Secular Plague Vivisection e.p.
PodunkPromo-Best Table in Hell  0:29 Podunk Radio BTiH PodunkPromo
Right To Die / The Insignificant  0:34 Various Iron City Punk
Religous Protest / Discord  1:54 Various Iron City Punk
Piss Off Mind (Peace of Mind)  1:27 Pasmaters Seeing Through Hardcore
Batfish (background) 2:24 Boogie Nazis Pearl Harbor Sessions Tape

FUCKNUCKLES (U.$.A.) - living under harris  1:36 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an international female fronted hc-punk compilation vol. 5
Betty Crocker, Punk Rocker  1:22 Furious George Heide Sez

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #84

Episode 84.... We finally get our Gwar song in.

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Punk Invasion...

Fishfuck  0:32 Gwar Short Music For Short People
Terminal Rut  0:35 The Queers A Proud Tradition 7" 1982 EP
I'm Useless  1:12 The Queers A Proud Tradition 7" 1984 EP
Dödens apostlar  2:09

Already Gone (background) 3:18 Mustard Plug Hopelessly Devoted To You Vol. 3
FBC  0:50 Coke Bust Fuck Bar Culture 129
EAP  1:27
Fucked Up Society Demo 2  1:05
What 'Ave We Got?  1:54 Sham 69 At The BBC
Spit Rants  1:07 Chronic Disorder EP 7" BEST PUNK EVER!
Drunk As Fuck  1:23 BLASPHEMOUS ABNORMALITY Bloodstains Across Eugene # 1
Broken Bottle  1:51 The Snukas Bloodstains Across Eugene # 1

Société carnivore (background) 3:47 Les Asynchrones 10 ans de Rock
Within You Without You  2:02 White Flag Within You Without You 7"
Circle A  1:26 Nuke Cult We Play Ugly Music! Fuck You!
Laid To Waste  1:43 Criminal Damage Call Of Death
Brownstars: Neighbors  1:31 Brownstars Cheap Ass Music Vol.1
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie  1:47 Black Flag Damaged

Dwindle  (background) 2:33 Falling Sickness Funeral Oration
Kill The PC  1:41 Rupture The Great Australian Fuckwit EP
Fuck Up  1:19 Nipples Indie Rules Basement Records Sampler
New Junk II  1:38 Spider Indie Rules Basement Records Sampler
El Salvador  1:12 Capitol Punishment Not So Quiet On The Western Front
Fat, Drunk, & Stupid  0:51 Section 8 Not So Quiet On The Western Front
Human Garbage  1:29 Napalm Death Oi! Sound Of The U.K. + Instigators Live In Berlin

Speak Siberian or Die (for SOD) (background)  3:24 Concrete Sox Lunched Out Ep
Boozin'  1:35 The Restarts Punk Shit Vol.1
Toto Is A Punk  0:37 Sex Willer Punk Shit Vol.
Dogshit Band  1:35 Gobble And The Cocks Punk Shit Vol.1
Last Caress  1:31 NOFX Violent World: A Tribute To The Misfits
Army of Aggressors  2:31 Disorder Sliced Punx on Meathooks
First Failure  1:40 Gorilla Biscuits Start Today
Contribution  2:18 Guttermouth Gusto!

Gee Officer Krupke (background) 3:51 Schlong Funeral Oration
Arsehole  2:38 Snuff Physical Fatness

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #83

Episode #83... Another gem with a ton of rips from www.archive.org and www.bandcamp.com Stussey   and I had B-days this week, so I ripped him off as usual! Our boys Common Enemy tore it up too in here!  Punk On!!!

Download for free and listen on your smart phone at:


Always each and every week on www.podunkradio.com and www.brutalexistenceradio.net look mat the top for our times!

Punkess Maximus....

Chaps My Hide  1:14 Guttermouth Friendly People
Skrikande sirener  1:49 EN SISTA CHANS EN SISTA CHANS EP
Time For Payback  1:44 Pesten Setback

background  2:33 Flippin Heck As Punk As possible
Jarhead  0:39 Authorities Bourbon Decay 7"
Army Style  1:54 The Exploited Singles Collection
Combat Boots  0:29 United Mutation Insanity/Kyo Ki 7"
United Mutations Theme  1:37 United Mutation Insanity/Kyo Ki 7"
Pizza the Hut  1:04 Common Enemy Brain Dead Hardcore

background  2:53 Flippin Heck As Punk As possible
Paid To Ruin Fun  0:56 Acid Reflux Secret Power 7"
The Northern Ripper  2:51 Blanks Northern Ripper 7''
1968  1:31 Insubordinates EP 7"
Blitzkrieg Waltz  1:26 The Maggotz Tales From The City Of Vomit 7"

Televisionary (background)  2:56 Onward to Mayhem Charged
skineater  2:01 Creature No love in hell
Why  1:24 Rabies Disease Core 7"
Lie  1:34 No Fun Self Titled
Abuse of authority (ACAB)  1:36 Common Enemy Freedom Punker
Just Live  1:50 Rotten Stitches Freedom Punker

background 2:41 Rat Damage Cursed
Who is in control  1:24 DarkCharge Demos
No Mass Panic  1:42 Chaos UK The Morning After The Night Before
Young And Strong  1:13 Roots Radical Freedom Punker
Stagnation Point  1:18 Suffer Damage Freedom Punker
What's Wrong With Me?  0:42 Faith Faith / Void (Side 1)

LAST CALL! (background)  2:11 Onward to Mayhem Charged
Up Your Ass With All Your Gossip  0:11 The Nunfuckers EP 7"
Social Butterfly  0:48 The Nunfuckers EP 7"
Polyester Paranoia  0:38 Malicious Grind Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 7
Teenage Guerrillas  1:19 Friendly Neighbors EP 7"
Talk  1:04 White Load EP 7"

Implausible Denial (background)  2:51 Adelleda HERKIMER ST. EP Punk
Kommie Kilpatrick  0:51 ? Zach's Comp
Hiljaiset huoneet (remix)  3:10 SYS-RA Remixed 8.3.2014
Hallucination  1:26 Poisoned Truth
konspirasi distruck Vs konspirasi  0:42
Get Involved  2:16 Brotherhood Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 7

LA is Going to Make You Breathe (background) 3:18 Million Kids LA is Gonna Make You Breathe
Common Cause  1:59 The Bloodclots Chaos Day Is Almost Here
Schizo  2:05 Broken Bones Time For Anger, Not Justice
Confused  1:44 Hellkrusher Wasteland
White Wash  0:57 Permanent Ruin 2011 Demo
Proud To Be Punk  2:03 Urban Phobia Dying Generation
My Favorite Baseball Team Is Fucking Bad  1:24 The Bugs Missile To The Middle East

The World Is Yours (background) Mutators   3:51
Too Old To Die Young  1:29 Ed Gein's Car Brain Dead Baby 7''