Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #67

Episode #67 is an all-vinyl show. Pulled a bunch of gems out of the Bros Grim lost archive (record collection). Odes to the '80s, '90s, and present! Fat Mike even mentions how humongous Fungus 53 was! Enjoy! Oh, The Skitzos (picture below) are from Calgary!... And I say that I play a tune from "The Jury"... I forgot to rip it in.

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Common Enemy- Heart Surgery
Dog Assassin- Animal Liberation
Unamused- Living In Fear
Wet Reckless- Tall Cans

Guttermouth- Sid Vicious Was Innocent
Oppressed Logic- Winos
Public Execution- Vampire Girl
NOFX- Fungus/ I really Like Bad Religion

Yadokai- To A Flame
Stressors- Disingenuous 
Instinct- ...For The Better
Gnats Sucker- Go Down

Hostile Intent- Humanity's Apathy
Dregs of Humanity- Feel The Pain
SBV- Corpses Are Fine With Me
Feelin Fine- Inhale Your Death

Permanent Ruin- White Wash
The Skitzos- Sinking Fast
One Day War- Trench Rot
Dirty BS- Mercy Bullet

Napalm Raid- Run Like Hell
Derrota- Critter
Effluxus- Darkness

NOFX- Golden Boys