Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #105

Episode #105...  Same crappy card tricks with a little holiday cheer! The front office is closed this week at Podunk Radio, so you'll hear it a week late. I killed ya with a bunch of punk rips from the '80s this week! Keep downloading (all 10 of you) and smell ya later!

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Punk all covered with glee...

Billions For Destruction  2:01 Oppressed Logic The Past Ain't Gonna Change
Dom Ljuger  1:05 Mob 47 Ultimate Attack-Complete Discography
The Clock  1:39 Suspect Device Mix One December 2011
Big Women  2:17 GBH City baby attacked by rats

Eighties (background)  3:39 Killing Joke Punk You!, Vol. 1: Music for the Discerning Slacker
Rat Patrol  2:12 Naked Raygun Throb Throb
Punk For A Day  1:37 Wasted Youth Reagan's In
Ala Luota Systeemiin 1984  1:53 Riistetyt Raped Future LP
Allt liv slacks  1:43 Warvictims When the innocent cry
The Problem  1:27 gimme crack Gimme Crack/Wrong Show split
Live Fast Die By Mistake!!  3:02 Threats God Is Not With Us Today

Homicide (background)  3:44 999 Punk You!, Vol. 1: Music for the Discerning Slacker
Adolescent Death  1:40 Rich Kids On LSD Its A Beautiful Feeling
Little Fascist Miracle  2:21 ABORTION Murdered Culture
Ugly Music  1:43 Nuke Cult We Play Ugly Music! Fuck You!
Castidade  1:26 Olho Seco Os Primeiros Dias
Apostles On Strike- Detonator  2:14 Torrid Tales of The Super Hate 7in 1996 Johanns Face Recs Chicago
NOTA - Propaganda Control   1:51 MRR 1984 comp
Chronic Seizure- Human Monster  0:48 Brainsick ep Fashionable Idiots Recs 2005

The Greatest Cockney Rip Off (background) 2:08 Cockney Rejects Punk You!, Vol. 1: Music for the Discerning Slacker
Watching You  1:36 Warcola Dallas Punks
Re Establish  1:38 Deprived Resistence In The 1980's
Panikattack på Buss 316  0:58 Nitad Ibland Kan Man Inte Hindra Sig Själv
Pretentious Assholes- Tony Works For The Man  0:49 Dangermouse- Preten Aholes split Thug Life Recs 1997
Pushing and Pulling  1:27 Deadfall Public Safety
Nerves- Caught Out Again  1:13 The Boredom And The BS comp UK Refusenik 1995
Cotton Fields  1:40 Disease Public Safety

Alternative Ulster (background)  2:44 Stiff Little Fingers Punk You!, Vol. 1: Music for the Discerning Slacker
Power Up  2:53 Guttermouth Gorgeous

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #104

Episode 104... Never know who you work with... Just hardcore Bay Area '90s Punkers Better Than Your Hand's lead vocalist Veronica B... That's who!  She kicks off this show with a rippin' tune!  Every thing else is same o same o.

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Old Glory and PUNK...

Mental Ground Zero  1:21 Better Than Your Hand EP 1996 SF
The Killer of Fun  1:35 Short Changed Short Changed
03-give the finger  0:43 GROUND ZERO 1984 demo
Veronica Hates Me  2:53 Screeching Weasel My Brain Hurts

Punk Rock High (background) 2:40 Randy Randy The Band
Let´s Get High  1:21 the Sick Fast from the past
vomito  1:57 FALLAZ DE EVOLUZION maketa
TUTUP BOTAL - banyumas strezz drunk punk  1:49 VA - indonesia-asia hc-punk tape 2014 va - indonesia-asia hc punk tape
GEDEBAC GEDEBUC - who said punk is dead  2:01 VA - indonesia-asia hc-punk tape 2014 va - indonesia-asia hc punk tape
Broken Shit  1:32 Push Off Punk From The Gutters of Ohio Vol. 1 My Crap - Comps
Wakeup  0:56 The Arrogant Bastards Punk From The Gutters of Ohio Vol. 1 My Crap - Comps

NOFX - We Ain't Shit (8-Bit) (background) 3:05 Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 1
CP  1:18 Capitol Punishment Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
Beer Beer Beer  1:30 Dirtheads Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
Drugs In My Pocket  0:57 Primer Grey Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
New Society  1:23 Death Camp Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
Next World War  1:18 Harsh Reality Hardxore 84 Fresno Complation
All For Profit And Profit For All  1:26 Miners Threat Margaret Thrasher

Guttermouth - Lipstick (8-Bit) (background)  2:45 Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 2
You Have No Right  1:30 Disgust Brutality of War
Can Peace Exist  1:09 Dishonorable Discharge Nightmare Visions
Benvenuta all'inferno  1:50 Kennel AccaCì Hardcore
A favore di qualcosa  1:22 A.D.R. AccaCì Hardcore
A Season in Hell  1:30 Korova Another Happy Customer

The Queers - I Can't Stop Farting (8-Bit) (background)  1:42 Punk Goes 8-Bit Punk Goes 8-Bit: Level 3
Officer Downsyndrom  1:28 Domestic Violence Blahblahblahblahblah!!!!!!!!!!! Blahblahblah
Melee- Loaded Gun  1:12 split with Face Up To It_ Belief Crisis Recs 2001
Complete Waste- Why Do I Bother  1:12 st 7in Give Praise Recs_Rock Bottom 2008
Flagpole- Were All Gonna Die  1:10 Punks Step Up To Get Beat Down 7in IL_Thick Neck Recs 1994
FAce Up To It- Consume And Die  0:57 split with Melee Belief Crisis Recs 2001

Christmas Vacation (background)  2:39 Descendents I Don't Want To Grow Up
Under My Skin  2:22 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #103

Episode 103... A little shorter, but just as effective!  A couple great grabs off of www.bandcamp.com this week.

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Always more 103 than you...

Say "Fuck No" to Rules, Man  1:01 Get Rad Say "Fuck No" to Rules, Man
Pity  2:01 Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
I Hate the Kids (S.O.A.)  0:46 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies
Had A Friend  1:10 Nobodys Greatasstits

Going Underground (background) 3:19 4 Past Midnight Guilty As Charged
When Push Comes To Skate  1:22 Get Rad Choose Your Own Adventure
Эй, мент! / Hey, cop!  0:55 IKNOW LP '2013
no hay opcion  1:43 gobierno militar - no hay opcion ep
Speed, Rot N' Roll  3:26 Frost Rot Rot N' Roll
Fashion whore  1:14 FOKKUM Revenge
Fuck You All  0:45 EARSLAUGHTER ''Roka Smrti'' EP (Slovenia)

Man On The Phone / The Heavy Hand (background)  3:24 A.N.S. Romancing The Phone
Outcasts  1:31 Final Conflict - Ashes To Ashes
Cast Out  1:32 Hounds of Hate No Redemption
Basta!  2:27 RADICALS Explotaremos si es Necesario
All The Same  1:23 PSO SKATE, SLAM, JAM
Take Control  1:33 S.W.T.Records NUNHEX - Disruptive Deception
Cheap Disguise  0:59 Protester [BE-X] Demo
Modern Slavery  1:59 The Hangouts Reason's Falling Down

Evil Behind The Wheel (background)  3:05 Animal Train
47  1:54 Mosquito Teeth Mosquito Teeth Sampler
Hollow Life  1:16 Rats Blood 8 tracks demo
I Hate This Town  1:18 Moral Decline America For Sale
The Ultimatum  1:24 New Mexican Disaster Squad Self-Titled (AF032)
Why You're Crying  0:52 Rabies Disease Core
The Chick From Tilt Knows Big Words But We Don't  0:49 Mad Cow Dizeaze 182 Split 7" with Contra
Drunk By Accident  0:42 Nuclear Tomorrow Songs in My Head

I Walk Alone (background) 4:15 S.W.T.Records BELLIGERENTS - DISCOGRAPHY
Contagious  2:52 Guttermouth Gusto!