Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #132

Episode 132... Like a cranked up, galloping horse... Uhhhh.

Due to complete destruction in the wine country, the Bros Grim will be without Internet for 3 or more weeks. See you then.

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Punk you tough stuff...

Fuck You Too  1:30 Nobodys The Smell Of Victory
Shut Up Already  2:25 NoFX The Longest EP
Complete Waste- Sustain  0:47 st 7in Give Praise Recs_Rock Bottom 2008
Allegiance To None- The Other  3:19 ATN MB split Laid Off Recs 1995 

Violent Society (background) 3:04 Hostages For Smack Brittannia Bleeding
Even More Mad Lately  2:43 Butt Trumpet Cheap Ass Music Vol.1
Serenade of The Drunk Punk 2:16 Drunken Mishap_Abnormal 7in Beer City Recs 1996
Bristles - Don't Give Up  1:45 MRR 1984 comp
RIP- Anti-Militar 1:35 MRR 1984 comp
Civilisation Decays  1:29 Disgust Brutality of War

Mayhem - I Defy (background) 2:14 MRR 1984 comp
Coz of Death  1:54 Disorder Sliced Punx on Meathooks
It's All the Same  2:05 Everybody's Enemy  LA NOCHE DE LOS ENEMIGOS
Gig Violence  1:04 Capitalist Casualties Subdivisions in Ruin
Endless Circles  1:08 Burnpile What About You
Asshole  1:40 Guttermouth Friendly People

6th Avenue Nightmare (background) 2:40 Pennywise The Fuse
The Last Priority- Call To The Streets  2:37 The Last Priorty ep SmashEmOut Recs 2003