Monday, December 24, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #48

Peace on Mars and Cheers to the world! It's the Bros Grim Christmas Special.

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Xmas songs this week....

Common Enemy- All I Want For Christmas Is A Bag Of Weed
Los Viejos- The Blood Became The Sauce
Warzone- American Business
Concrete Facelift- I'm Not Done
*Bros intro
Wadge- Away In A Manger
Decontrol- Is This The End?
For Fucksake- Suffer Through The Apocalypse
Hangover Overdose- Pakko Saada

The Exploited- Fuck The Mods
Active Minds- WMD Hypocrisy
Guns And Rosa Parks- Antifreeze
Nazareno El Violento- Marcelino Pan y Verga
The Satans- Everybody's F'd
Mobcharge- Humans: Go Home
Aspex- Nuclear Terror
Unamused- Third World
Guttermouth- Generous Portions

NOFX- Xmas Has Been X'd
Yandere Robot- Santa Claus Massacre 3000
Deadbolt- I'm The One Who Gunned Santa Down

A bunch of tunes pulled from Torn Flesh Records this week. All FREE downloads! Check it out!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #47

You may just go to heaven after 47 (because the 21st will come and go before the next episode)!!!!

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Songs this week:

Dr Know- Piece Of Meat
Hunting Party- Circled Routes
RAD- Vortex Of Death
Out Of Spite- Sacrifice
The Accidents- Someone Put Slice In My OJ

Framtid- Nuclear Power Genocide
Depression- Why Do People Hate Us?
Napalm Raid- Run Like Hell
Innocents- Noisy Trouble
Nightmare- Future Now
Spazz- Death Rivals Of Shao-Lin

Guttermouth- End On 9
The Execute- Voice
Gang Green- Kill A Commie
Regulations- Stop
Kruel- Terror!
Mob 47- Polisstat

The Vandals- It's A Fact

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #18

Reposts are always a blast!  Yeah Right.  This was before we were on Brutal Existence Radio. Stream 18 below.

Safe link to download here...

Deportation- Freedom Is An Illusion
Unamused- Discrimination
Fucktard- Get Outta My Face

Guttermouth- Bingo
Weak Teeth- M-16
Obni- For You Money Is Power

Sickoids (Italy)- No Flags
The Faction- Lost In Space
The Bloodclots- Reveille

In Defence- Moshelle (Mosh You To Hell)
Peter Pan Speed Rock- Roller Coaster
Kalashnikov- Nessuna Fiducia

Total Chaos- Lives Are Squandred
NOFX- Suits And Ladders
Rotton Youth- Drunktards

Los Olvidados- Personal Genocide
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp- Kamala's Too Nice
Death Wish V- Pork Chops And Ham Hocks

State Of Franklin- Fuck U Cancer
Left Over Crack- Infested
The Nobodys- Dead End Job

The Fully Blown- Fire Bush

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #46

Number 46... Just a bunch of licks!
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Songs this week...

The Nobodys- Told Ya So
Punch- Don't Start
Permanent Ruin- Guerra En Venta
RKL- I'm Locked Up
NOFX- I Don't Want You Around

Sickoids- My Curse
Disgust- Who Killed Kerwin
Atoxxxico- Punks De Muerte
The Stupids- You Shoulda Listened
GBH- War Dogs
Domds Dom- I Pendelns Vaggande Barm
Capitalistic Casualties- Insecurities

Frustration- Sleep Walker
Ratos De Porao- Guerra Des Humana
Ratface- Cursed By The State
Gasmask Terror- This Is The Wolf Age
Lifelock- Doomed Future
Sociedad Violenta- Violencia y Destruccion
Disarm- Deras Krig
Guttermouth- Shoes

Dry Hump- Everybody Loves You (when your dead)
Dwarves- Free Cocaine

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #45

Episode 45 has plenty of left over turkey...

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Songs this week...

Common Enemy- Nihilistic
Assumptions- Anxiety
Anti- Club Me Like A Baby Seal
Sick Pig- Nightmare, Reality
Hi-Fives- Angie

Guttermouth- Abort Mission
Surf Nazis Must Die- I Am Angry
Armless Children- Nuclear Power Plant
The Idiots- Nuclear War
MOAB- Tweaker Waste
Faith- In Control
Brazen Hell- Torment
Jughead's Revenge- Stabbed In The Back

Government Issue- Anarchy Is Dead
Crutches- Intro/ Let's Start A Fire
Outpatients- Balloon Head
Fleas And Lice- Negative
Furan- Trk3 1990 Demo
Dropend- Inequality
Don Don- The Nightmare Continues
DYS- Brotherhood

DRI- Abduction

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #44

#44 eat some more... Turkey!

Sundays 3pm PST

Tuesdays 4pm PST

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songs this week...

Quincy Punx- Ugly American
Vitamin X- Get In The Pit
Defiance- Death Squad
Agent Attitude- Nothing But A Big Mouth
Guttermouth- Pot

Iron Reagan- Paycheck
Absurdo- Rota
Verbal Assault- No Choice
Boston Strangler- If I Was You
King Generator- The Death Machine
Jerrys Kids- Desperate

Tom And The Boot Boys- Piss Off MTV Punks
Olho Seco- Lutar Matar
Toxic Reasons- Can't Get Away
IRA Graves- Maggot Colony
Icons Of Filth- No Fucking Choice
Negative FX- Citizens Arrest

Discocks- Punk And Proud

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #43

Episode 43 is filled with patriotic tunes!

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A ton of tunes from

song list...

Call The Police- War Power
Antidote- No Nazis In Punk
A.N.S.- If You Don't Get It Now

Mosquito Teeth- No
Rex 84- d.u.m.b.s
Face The Rail- Burnt Out
Disposable Society- Chain Fight
Peligro Social- 20 anos
The Restarts- Terror Breed
Total Chaos- Systems Downfall (The USA is Dead)

Kicker- Lager And Chips
Strung Up- Death By Cop
Verdugo Social- Terroristas
The Antics- Social Disease
Instant Asshole- Fucked Up Face
Slag- Perpetual Ego Trip
Oiltanker- Last Words
Guttermouth- American Made

Shitty Fucker- Pirate Hooker
Pre-Nods- Puny Humans

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mark Adkins Guttermouth Interview

From March 22, 2012 the best damn Guttermouth interview you'll hear! Originally aired on on March 28, 2012. This is a repost of The Brothers Grim Punkcast #12... Which should have put the Bros Grim on the map! The random squeaks are my shitty equiptment or the seat in the van (that the interview was done in). Stream it below.

Download from this safe link...

Song list:
Guttermouth- Sid Vicious Was Innocent
Chaos UK- Army
Discharge- Why

Major Accident- Twisted Mind
The Partisans- Bastards In Blue
Infa Riot- You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Bullet Treatment- Dropout
Fight Music- Oil Spill 2010
Common Enemy- Skate That Shit

The Distillers- Hate Me
The Exploited- Chaos Is My Life
Deprived- The Blood Is On Your Hands

NOFX- Everything in Moderation
Culo- Toxic Vision

Guttermouth- Runner Up
The Virus- Day By Day

Guttermouth- Bakers Dozen
Copyright Chaos- Violence

Chaotic Alliance- 1984
Magrudergrind- Hitler Only Had One Testicle

Classics of Love- Dissolve

Guttermouth- The Towel

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #42

Episode 42, The SF Giants won the Series and it's damn near Halloween!... and Podbean isn't working.  Thanks Nate from The Psychobilly Garden Party for the intro.  Find his show at Made some adjustments to this episode, so check it out if you listened before 4pm on Halloween.

Stream here...

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song list...

NOFX- Punk Guy
The Casualties- Constant Struggle
Mental Pain- Together We Stand*
Run For Cover- Just Bring It* (these two songs were played instead of The Residuals.  All respects to that Texas Punk band.  Error on my DJing)
D-Clone- MKPF
Wasted Youth- You're A Jerk
Gag Order- Lies
Distorted Youth- PC's Not For Me
Fight Music- Never Go Full Retard

Black Flag- Fix Me
Krigshot- Var Samtid
Pusrad- Domd
Gimme Crack- Street Pharmacyst
Yo Scunt- What The Fuck?
The Virus- Are You Gonna Follow?
Disclaim- Destroy In The Human Head
Guttermouth- Gold
A.F.S.- Skate To Live

Halloween Bonus******
The Accidents- There's No Such Thing As Vampires
The Fuckers- Gay Zombies

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #41

Episode 41 same ole ......

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Songs this week...

Guttermouth- Asshole
Seein Red- Asshole
Screeching Weasel- Hey Asshole
Deprived- Crimes Against Humanity
Setiembre Once- Play Fast or Die
Flippin Heck- J.E.F.F.
Career Suicide- Hapless
Murder Disco Experience- Wanna Play?

Disorder- Police State
GIL- Losing Dog
The Lab Rats- In The Beginning
Disarm- Varga
See You In Hell- Bod Zlomu
Protestant- Neglect
Cop On Fire- Imbecil
E.A.T.E.R.- Religion

The Enders- Martyr

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #40

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Songs heard on 40...

• Midnite Brain — Saint Guinefort 
• Bones Brigade — Rock to Fakie
• The Flex — Bad Culture
• The Old Timers — Turnbull ACs
• Disassociate — In Heat 
• DHC — California's Doomed
• Effluxus — Mind Control
• Grudge — Cap'n Straightedge
• The Fartz — People United
• Everybody's Enemy — Ice Cucumber
• Texas Thieves — Today
• Anti Stress — Piccolo Soldato
• D-Clone — Death
• Reckless Deerhunter — Things to Do When You're Home Alone
• Neverland Ranch Hands —Scumbag
• Guttermouth — Jack la Lanne
• Ill Repute — Bad Rep
• Henry Fonda — Scenester Slaying Trash Muties
• Rape Revenge — Stunted
McRad- My Indecision

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #39

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Tuesday 4pm PST on

Sunday 3pm on


Replica- Sycophant
OFF!- Panic Attack
Agathocles- Horns Up, Fuck Off
The Queers- Can't Stop Farting
Bad Religion- Faith In God
Dogsflesh- Sleezebag
Accidents- Breath

Guttermouth- Lucky The Donkey
Nobodys- Dumbfuck
Deadline- Mad
Common Enemy- As The World Burns
Germ Attak- Trapped Inside Closed Doors
Anti- New Underground
Code 13- Shadow of Fear
NOFX- Straight Outta Massachusetts
The Zero Boys- Civilizations Dying

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #38

The punkest 1/2 hour in the universe!

Tuesdays 4pm PST on

Sundays at 3pm PST on (BER)

Stream here:

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Send us music distros, bands, and labels to 

• Beer Junkies — I Hate People
• ANS — Pay Attention
• Raised by Apes — Armed Forces
• Guttermouth — Flacidism
• Public Disgrace — Future Past
• Opposition Rising — F.T.W.
• The Burninators — Monsters!
• Vitamin X —Sick and Tired

• Fucktard — She Hates My Music
• Submissives — Baby Dykes Kick My Ass
• Dios Mio — Lose Lose Situation
• Crapulius Caesar — Assholes
• Aggro or Die — Waste Away
• Sottopressione — Clima-Morfosi
• Final Draft — Drenched in Blood
• Scotchgreens — Professional
• The Drunes —Bone Idol

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #37

The Punkest 1/2 hour in the Universe!

Tuesdays 4pm PST on

Sundays at 3pm PST on (BER)

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The Stressors- Possession
Vengeance 77- RocknRoll Suicide
Deathraid- Fucking Mess
Theme song Bros Grim
Project X- Shutdown
Thought Crime- All Landlords Are Scum
Mad Ax BER PoDunk promo
Mike V and The Rats- Viewpoint
Ugly Bones- No Money Left

Screeching Weasel- Punkhouse
Bum Kon- ? off Drunken Sex Sucks
BER Demon
Citizens Patrol- Public Interest
The Faction- Fast Food Diet
Total Chaos- Army Story  promo
XBRAINIAX- No Surprise
Anthrot- All Cops Are Still Bastards
BER Doomed Society Radio promo
Hangover Overdose- Suma
Crude SS- Sick Pleasure
Poison Idea- Think
Mark Adkins PoDunk promo
Guttermouth- I'm PUNK

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #36

Are you listening?

Yadokai- An Apparition (new ep)
Nailbiter- Hard Loss
Disgust- The Light Of Death
Bros Theme song
The Bloodtypes- Anti Social Media
Rat Damage- Graveyard
Dep Dog promo
Magrudergrind- Leech
M.E.H.- Moshed Till Death
Guttermouth- Viva America

NOFX- Cell Out (new SelfEntitled album)
Common Enemy- The Thrill Will KIll
Mad Society- Napalm
F-Troop- Last Rites
Fat Mike promo  Tuesdays 4pm PST
Blood Vessels To Wires- Lay Down
Discider- War Without End
Bang Gang- Dickhead
TuneIn app promo Sundays 3pm PST
Knifethruhead- Curbed
Black Flag- Louie Louie

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #35

Shredding it as usual

Tuesdays 4pm Cali time

Sundays 3pm Cali time

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Permanent Ruin- Endless
Greedy Bambi- Kill Your Boss
Lasting Noise Attack- Hate You 2

Guttermouth- Ticket To Quebec
Look Back And Laugh- Weight Of The World
Monster Squad- D.F.A.
Poundflesh- Paedophile

Resist- Social Security
Swellbellys- Nazi Scum
Fuck Ups- I Hate You
Prljavi Dripci- Neo Punks Fuck Off

Active Minds- Straight Jacket
Gurkha- Disgruntled Ex Worker
Whiskey Rebels- Lie.Cheat.Repeat
Elegy- Purgatory

The Abuse- Violent Youth

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #34

Same Ole great S#@T this week.

Stream at

Most Badd Ass 30+ minutes in the galaxy.

No Statik- Everywhere You Aren't Looking
The Fanboys- Forever Alone
Drunk Bois- Stay Punk

Toxic Holocaust- A.T.O.M.I.C.
Municipal Waste- You're Cut Off
Face Puncher- Babydoll
Chaos UK- I Hate Society

Deprived- Dead Soldiers
DRI- Marriage
Good Things- Shut Your Mouth Phillips
Waste Basket- Skateboard

Classics Of Love- What A Shame
Donkey Punch- Beer Bongs In Space
Spermbirds- What Do You Want?
Cheap Art- De Socialized
Greedy Mouth- Chato Vato

Guttermouth- Scholarship In Punk

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #33

Quality not quantity. Anyone can spend a half hour doing something. No excuses! Support the underground.

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Spazz- Campaign For Emo Destruction
Fleas and Lice- Living For Pleasure, Not For Pain
Cause For Alarm- Plastic Cylinder Express

No Use For A Name- Justified Black Eye
NOFX- Juice Head
Total Disorder- Punk No Morira
Power Is Poison- Evil Empire

Guttermouth- Thought Provoking Sonic Device
Short Temper- South Bay Hardcore
The Partisans- Killing Machine
The Ramones- R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

Neverland Ranch Hands- Little Boys
Anti- I Don't Want To Die In Your War
Out Of Spite (Oakland)- Human Cage
Fatal Nunchaku- Track from To Live A Lie Records sampler

Cockney Rejects- The Greatest Cockney Ripoff

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #32

Sorry but had to make a shorter show this week. Tuesdays at 6pm CST Sundays at 5pm CST

Send us suggestios or complaints to

maybe well do two 30min shows a week. (?)

Guttermouth- Hit Machine
Formaldehyde Junkies- Religious molester
Poor Luckies- Killing Company

Common Enemy- Dead Kegs
86 Mentality- Terror Boys
The Bloodclots- Boots and Blisters

The Flatliners- The Calming Collection
Bad Brains- Attitude
Weekend Nachos- Shot In The Head
Alcoholic White Trash- Burning Little Bodies

The Aristokoks- New Messiah
NOFX- White Bread
White Cross- Nuke Attack

Effluxux- Deflect
Disease- Cotton Fields
Limp Wrist- Fucks With My Head
Antpatia- Do It Yourself
x Joe Pesci x- Fuck That

The Accidents- Don't Come Back

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #31

Check us out on two different stations:
• Our home — Tuesdays at 4 p.m. Cali time
• and now at Sundays at 3 p.m. Cali time

TSOL — Abolish Government
Discharge — It's No TV Sketch
Maskakari — War's No Fairytale
Swingin' Utters — Brand New Lungs

Fight Music — Take a Knee
Free Beer — I Hate Sobriety
Gorilla Biscuits — Forgotten
Code 13 — Doomed Society

Dishammer — Smoke of Death
Fester Youth — ???
Citizens Patrol — Public Interest
Guttermouth — Veggicide

Gang Green — Rabies
Diskelma — Hate Control
Gasmask Terror — No Mistake

Nobodys — Hidden Track (From "Hopelessly Devoted To You")
Drunken Cholos — Bone Dry Bonehead
DFC — Bala Perdida
Critical Me — No Escape

FAITH — Face to Face
The Meatmen — Evil in a League With Satan
NOFX — Hobophobic
Extreme Noise Terror — Work For Never

Chixdiggit — Misoramen

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #30

Some more Rust and Machine Records this week.

Check us out two different stations:
Our Home Tuesdays at 4pm Cali time
and now at Sundays at 3pm Cali time

This week shredding was...

Dogsflesh- Kids Kill Kids
Career Suicide- Brought To The Brink
Offenders- No Chance
Striking Justice- Calloused

Inocentes- Morte Nuclear
Terminal Youth- Money and My Name
Before Dishonor- Give Up Or Win
Circle Jerks- Operation

See You In Hell- Utok
Napalm Raid- SSCD
Against Empire- Blank Thought
Auktion- Kulturens Pinrumspolitik

Guttermouth- Race Track
Reckless Deerhunters- One Consumer's Responsibility To The World
Thrash Compactor- Murder Song
Set To Destroy- Toke, Thrash, Beer

Aggro Or Die!- Ratbones Tearing Up The Asphalt
Rakitis- Futilt
NOFX- Thank God It's Monday
Jughead's Revenge- Perfect

Sickoids- Dive
Rodents Of Unusual Size- Blood Stained Decks
Basis Of Burden- Life Passes By
Asshole Parade- You Sunk My Battleship
Good Things- Among The Living

Sloppy Seconds- Can't Kill Joey Ramone

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #29

Pleased to announce that we are on on Sundays at 3pm Cali time.

...As well as our home at at our normal time on Tuesdays 4pm Cali time.

Stream latest episodes at

Effluxus- Intro/ Lifeless
Holocaust In Your Head- Rompe Las Reglas
Black Panda- Ataque R4

Everybody's Enemy- Nightmare
NOFX- A200 Club
Cop On Fire- Solo
Lars Fredrickson and The Bastards- Streetwise Professor

Threats- Wasted
Hangover Overdose- F.N.D.
GBH- Gunned Down
Psychosomatic- Brazen Sniper

Guttermouth- Do The Hustle
Nitad- Dag Efter Dag
The Detonators- Saints
Fy Fan- Intranged Ochinstangd

McRad- Prevent This Tragedy
Active Minds- Hate Male
Disassociate- Black Triangle
Dirty Damn Apes- No!
Disco Murder Experience- S.O.S.
In Defence- I Eat Kids

Rejection Fetish- Crack Whore Blues

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #28

Tune in each week to Tuesdays 6pm CST.

Send us gripes and music to

Stream each week at

Heard on Episode 28:

• Concrete Facelift — Human Waste
• Grinders Sky Punks — MANGO
• Municipal Waste — Lunch Hall Food Brawl
• NOFX — Perfect Government

• Common Enemy — Just Another Enemy
• Civil Disgust — Pull the Plug
• Propagandhi — ???
• Zeke — ???
• Disaster Strikes — You Own the Past, But Not Today

• Rotten Fux — My Rules
• Krigshot — Allt Lidande I Varlden
• Banned For Life — Midlife Crisis
• 4 Past Midnight — Solution is War
• Bring Down the Hammer — Public Lands, Private Hands

• Mob 47 — Res Dig Mot Overheten
• Chaos UK — Morning After
• Bigwig — Waste
• Anthrot — A Million Dead Jarheads
• *Teengenerate — Kicked Out of the Webelos
* Cover from "God Save The Queers"

• Guttermouth — I Used to Be Twenty
• Battalion of Saints — Right or Wrong
• Adelleda — Farley
• The Cryptics — Department Store Job
• Cervix — Holy War
• Chainsaw to the Face — Corpse Maker

• Doggy Style — Super Punkers
• Riverdales — Mental Retard

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #27

Tune in each week to Tuesdays 6pm CST.

Send us stuff to

stream each week at

this week...

DRI- Problem Addict
Seitan- Hippie Lover
Genetic Control- Brave New World
M.O.D.- Damaged

Government Warning- Jocks and Cops
Government Issue- Fashionite
The Bugs- Can't Get Hired
Hostile Take Over- Down Stream

Fight Music- Don't Let It End This Way
The Nobodys- Fuck You Too
Scarred For Life- Blackened Heart*
Suicide Watch- Dig Your Own Grave*
*Both off Icons of Filth tribute "They've Taken Everything"

Heratys- Heikoin Lenkki
C.I.A.- Death
Face First- You and Me
Guttermouth- Can I Borrow Some Ambitions

Charles Bronson- The Painful Yet Unavoidable Deathstar Comparison
Kuro- No More No
Ass Piss- Already Dead
Time Again- Life On The Run

Witch Hunt- Obscenity
Oathbreaker- Orgin
NOFX- Stranded
The Submissives- Castration Squad
Deviates- The End

Useless Pieces Of Shit- Puppycore and Too Much Caffine
Stinkpalm Death- When Daisy Dukes

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #26

Thanks to the Bros Grim

Send us shit to Tune in Tuesdays at 4pm Cali time at

"I don't think they done it this way..."

Dr Know- What To Do
Certified- Who Cares Anyway
Jughead's Revenge- My Troubled Sleep
Dogpiss- Erik Sandin's Stand In

The Vandals- ...And Now We Dance
The Old Timers- Run In A Circle
Urban Assault- Shock Value
The Hyenas- Voice Of America

Flippin Heck- Floating Stone
Suburban Losers- Fire In The Sky
NOFX- You're Bleeding
Bullet Treatment- Pathetic 1

World War IX- Living The Dream
World War XXIV- God's Garbos
Uncurbed- Violent Criminal
Disflesh- Order Vs Chaos

xSteveUrkelx- Walk For Hope
Strong Intention- Messiah Whore
Total Chaos- Anarchy
Guttermouth- Steak (Under Water Version)

Discard- Death Race
Whorehouse of Representatives- Economic Liposuction
S.V.D.B.- Your Friendly Local Police
Common Kids- Pile Driver
Frontside Five- Bomb A Hill

Guttermouth- Looking Out For Number 1
Powertrip- Have A Nice Day

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Brothers GrimPunkcast #25

Ode to PUNK... Just like every week.

Same time on Tuesdays at 4pm Cali time.

Send us MP3's to

Stream most current episodes at

Get all episodes for free on iTunes.

Beer Junkies- Money
Eyes Of Hate- Question Authority
Minor Threat- I Don't Wanna Hear It
Klinefelter- Gotta Be Bad

Short Temper- F.T.P.D.
Everybody's Enemy- First Blood
Survivors Will Be Shot Again- Dead End Life
Protest Authority- Karma

Minor Disturbance- Riot '05
Lab Rats- 54 Waiting
Op Ivy- Uncertain
Anti Heros- I'm True

Guttermouth- Contribution
Terminal Youth- Don't Thrash For Cash
Crop Circles- Like Abandoned Ships
Butt Trumpet- Beverly Hillbillys

D.R.A.- Watch Your Fucking Back
Infa Riot- Kids Of The 80's
Sick Pleasure- 3 Seconds Of Pleasure
Voorhees- No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

NOFX- Shitting Bricks
The Accidents- Tie Die's Ugly.... (and so are you)
Screeching Weasel- Ashtray
Goldfinger- Ghouls Night Out (Misfits)
S.O.B.- Give Me Advice
Spazz- Crush Kill Destroy

American Pig- Ode To Punkrock

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #24

Overdose On Records a must to check out!

Download all the episodes at iTunes and most current at...

Germ Attak- Children of War
Concrete Facelift- Wasted Again
Guttermouth- Pity
Bad Religion- Grrms of Perfection

Opposition Rising- Total Annihilation
Jerry's Kidz- I Don't Belong
Aggro Or Die- Insecure
40oz Folklore- Gear

Fight Music- Antiquated Fairy Tales
Damn Dirty Apes- Set Fires
Commie Death Squad- One Big Lie
All Systems Fail- Make Your Statement

Death Raid- Collective Stupidity
The Bloodclots- Pissed Out of My Head
Rat Pack- Tell Me How

Swellbellys- Revenge
Doggy Style- Rookie Cop
Endangered Feces- F.U.B.A.R.
Floating Roach- I Wanna Be a Race Car Driver

Yo!Scunt- (Doing Lotsa) Fucking Drugs
Carbonites- P.T.
Don't Know- Member of Society
Shitlickers- Armed Revolution
Magrudergrind- Conditioned Minds

Frustration- Grey

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #23

All PUNK Goodness as usual!

All Episodes on iTunes.

Nao Conformismo- Fabricando Descracas
Cheap Art- Hate City Machismo
Repercussions- Body and Blood
DHC- Piled On

Rape Revenge- Rates of Failure
Instant Asshole- Escape
No Thought- Success
Lebenden Toten- Commodities

Set Me Free- The Line
Refuse Resist- Fashion Show
Short Temper- No Control
DOA- The Prisoner

Bones Brigade- Adult Crash
Guttermouth- Encyclopedia Brown
Apparatus- Agoni
Descendents- Kids

Holier Than Thou?- Super Ego
Urban Waste- Eat Cake
Shards- Lycanthropic Discomfort
Nerveskade- War

NOFX- Green Corn
Jugheads Revenge- People's Pal
Bleeder Resister- Better Days
Ill Content- Laws
Face Down- Bad Cops
Resist- Red, White, Blue

Ass Jack- Redneck Ride

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #22

All California Punk songs (well, that we feel are) this week.

Special thanks to Black Star Beer

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Nobodys- I Love It
NOFX- Can't Get The Stink Out
The Accidents- Wine Country Punx

Guttermouth- Disneyland
Black Flag- Revenge (live)
Screeching Weasel- California Sucks

DRI- Soup Kitchen
Oppressed Logic- Say We Suck
Youth Brigade- Sink With California

Rancid- Antennas
Diskent- Bored Teenagers
Naked Lady Wrestlers- Dan With The Mello Hair

NOFX- Tenderloin
Defecation Area- Stupid Asshole
The Queers- Fucked In The Head

Spazz- Zodiak
Culo- Wasted On Wine
Code 13- Club Scene

Common Enemy- Shark Attack
Guttermouth- Surfs Up Asshole
Formerly Known As- Sex Lies 24-7

The Stupids- Born To Build To Grind
The Erratics- Middle Class America
City Of Vein- Sliver Spoons

Fang- The Money Will Role Right In

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #21

This week all 80's Punk Hardcore whatever. I cheated and went with a re-recording on the first song. My original sounded too shitty.

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Useless Pieces Of Shit- Fuck Shit Up
JFA- Kick You
Life's Blood- Not For The Weak
7 Seconds- Young Till I Die

White Cross- Nuke Attack
Speed of The Presses
Cause For Alarm- Parasite
Hoax- Suicide Pact
Warzone- Dance Hard Or Die

Die Kreuzen- This Hope
SS Decontrol- Boiling Point
Bored Youth- No Chance
Battered Youth- Love You When You're Dead
Half Off- Make Every Minute Count

Youth Korps- 1969
Heart Attack- From What I See
The Abused- Drug Free Youth
The Germs- Lexicon Devil
Negative Approach- Can't Tell No One

Social Unrest- General Enemy
Crucifix- See Through Their Lies
Necros- No One
The Freeze- Trouble If You Hide

Angry Samoans- Right Side of My Mind
NOFX- My Friends
Wasted Youth- Teenage Narc
Ludichrist- Murder Bloody Murder
The Fix- Vengeance
Genocide- Stillborn

Guttermouth- Where Was I?

The Accidents- Sorry Mark (haha snuck that in. Not 80's by far)

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #20 is where you should be. Catch us at 4pm Cali time Tuesdays.

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This week...

Common Enemy- Late Night Skate
Gang Green- Skate To Hell
McRad- Tomorrow's Headline

Common Enemy- Thrown Away (new)
Guttermouth- Toilet
Mickey and The Big Mouths- Less Than Human
Multi-Facet- Ghost

Beer Junkies- Beer Me
Poison Idea- This Thing Called Progress
Deadline- I.C.A.
Teen Idles- Fleeting Fury

NOFX- My Step Dad's A Cop and My Step Mom's a Domme (new 7")
The Ghouls- Jekyll & Hyde
Monster Squad- Fire The Faith
Apeface- The End Is The Beginning

Sickoids- Bleached Bodies
Sick- Faces Or Faces
The Olympians- You
Human Error- Torture Culture
Health Hazard- Silent Scream

Vicious- Ugly Punx
Rampant Decay- Political Lemmings
4 Past Midnight- Police Story
Suffer- Crowds
Fucktard- Woodstock Punks Are Full of Shit
A Global Threat- Set Up

The Blood Types- Kats R Punx

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #19

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This week we played...

Berzerk- Traitor
Bored To Death- I Hate Myself But I Hate You More
Call The Police- 1984

Short Temper- Short Temper
Detonators- Outta Line
Clusterfux- Read Between The Lies

The Milksnatchers- Ayia Napa Slapper
Mob 47- Logner
NOFX- Hardcore 84

Yodokai- Vows
Antischism- Violent World
Moral Decline- Creepin

Guttermouth- The Dreaded Sea Lice Have Come Aboard
Olho Seco- Nada
Nuclear Attack- Ta Frandom Rika

Fleas and Lice- Take It Back from "They've Taken Everything" tribute to the Icons of Filth
Active Minds- Jackhoots and Graces
The Undercover Saints- 18 Wheels

The Filthy Cheaters- C'mon MF
World War IX- Destination Blackout
The Fuckers- F.S.N.
Executioner- 1984
Smeat- Come Loud
ACxDC- Milk Was A Bad Choice

Offspring- Smash

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast # 18

Listen to the show here. Set list as follows:

Deportation — Freedom is an Illusion
Unamused — Discrimination
FuckTard — Get Outta My Face

Guttermouth — Bingo
Weak Teeth — M-16 (Tribute to the Descendents)
Obni — For You Money Is Power

Sickoids — No Flags
The Faction — Lost In Space
The Bloodclots — Reveille

In Defence — Moshelle (Mosh You To Hell)
Peter Pan Speedrock — Roller Coaster
Kalashnikov — Nessuna Fiducia

Total Chaos — Lives Are Squandered
NOFX — Suits and Ladders
Rotten Youth — Drunktards

Los Olvidados — Personal Genocide
Jon Cougar Concentration Camp — Kamala's Too Nice
Death Wish V — Pork Chops and Ham Hocks

State of Franklin — Fuck You Cancer
Left Over Crack — Infested
Nobodys — Dead End Job

The Fully Blown — Fire Bush

Episode originally aired on Monday, May 7, 2012

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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast # 17

Listen to the show here. Set list as follows:

Beer Junkies — Same Old Shit
Lesca Punk — No Changes
Poundaflesh — Bless The Press

Black Flag — Rise Above
Poppa Wheelie — Two Fer Flinchin'
Mortydod — Snattaren

Panzer Bastard — The Last Bullet's Mine
Guns N Rosa Parks — Fire Drill
Hostile Life — Baked Again

Guttermouth — Australia
De Capo — Made in Britain
Adicts — Smart Alex

Resist — Stolen
Born To Lose — Shallow Graves
The Balls of Justice — Thrash Energy

Agression — Locals Only
NOFX — Mean People Suck
Good Things — Fuck Ryan Dame

The Loaded Nuns — Still Alive
Fuckland — Terror Assault (of us or them)
*Both from Radio Riot Vol I
Caustic Christ — Sobriety Sux

Dead Subverts — In The Name of The Art
Rash Decision — Fuel The Fire
*Both from Infested Records "Music to Bleed To Vol II"
Mad Dog — I Hate You All

The Queers — Teenage Bonehead

Episode originally aired on Monday, April 30, 2012

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Brothers Grim Punkcast # 16

Listen to the show here. Set list as follows:

Formerly Known As — Legal Lies
Anti — Fight War Not Wars
Crass — " "
NOFX — Instrumental from Maximum Rock 'n' Roll

Adolescents — Losing Battle
D.R.A. — Remember the Chaos
The Blood — Degenerate

Mike V and The Rats — Never Give Up
Mobcharge — Only Stupid Bastards Support MTV
Sea of Shit — Worst Enemy

ForFuckSake — Cheers to Beers
Piss Drunks — Poppin Caps
Guttermouth — I'm Destroying the World

The Posers — Fuck Off and Die
Violent Future — Life Sucker
Zero Boys — Down The Drain

Behind Enemy Lines — Shoot the Looters
Blunt — Fuck the Government
Chickenhead — Young Fidel

Agnostic Front — Until the Day I Die Repercussions- On Bended Knee
Mist — Ignoranz Totel

Distortion UK — "Antisocial" from Ear Infection Vol1
Favela Rising — "Death and Destruction" from Welcome To MPLS 7" on Profane Existence
First Offense — Fallen Soldiers

Riistetyt — Nazi Bastard
Sloppy Seconds — Ice Cream Man

Episode originally aired on Monday, April 23, 2012.

Catch the show on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. CA time on

Here all 17 shows at