Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #74

Episode 74 recorded awhile back... Just now gettin it to ya. A new ripper from NOFX on this show!

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List of punk...

Peroxide Youth- Those Days Have Passed
PSO- Worthless Name
Scum- Fill The Void
Rape Revenge- All Grown Up

Pure Scum- I Hate The Mall
Repurcussions- bomb the...
Rabid Pigs- anguished
Neverland Ranch Hands- Scumbag
Venkman- ?

NOFX- stoke extinguisher 
Minor Threat- small man big mouth
Koro- government 
Pretentious Assholes- south of New Haven
Palaska- straight youth
Strychnine- AA (Poison Idea)

MEH- blood drunk
Last Chaos- sex priest
Anti-Chism- alien race
Fight Music- noblesse abeige
All City Boot Boys- give up your boots 
Blood Fest- what did I get?

Bettercore- punk is their set
Declone- where is it?
Total Lickers- solo una mota
Look Back And Laugh- charred flock

RKC- fuck you, fight me

Whoops lost songs

Guttermouth- lock down

No Comply- I'd rather wear speedos
XbrainiaX- 5 minute speed
Congafury- ?
Malparido- skate pasta maluerte
Artic Choke- work sucks

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #74.99

Episode #74.99 is a special two year Bros Grim anniversary "Nuclear" theme show!  Thanks for listening!  Find us on Twitter @BrosGrimPunk and FB. Cheated just once in the set list.  Enjoy!

For Two Years now on Tuesdays 4pm PST

And nearly two years on Sundays 3pm PST

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                              Roadkill Carnivore cover art

Nuclear Punk Action...

Nuclear War  2:12 Night Fever New Blood
Crushing Silence  1:40 Nuclear Altar Blessed Ruins
Nuclear Power? No Thanks!  0:48 Antidote One Does Not Sell The Earth Upon Which The People Walk 7''
nuclear flowers  1:32 Lebenden Toten State Laughter
Anarchy  0:22 Fight Music

Straitjacket (background)  3:50 Los Straitjackets The Utterly Fantastic And Totally Unbelievable Sound Of Los Straitjackets
NUCLEAR BUTTFUCK  1:13 RKC (Roadkill Carnivore) Rangdangle Teaser
Another Nuclear Age  1:22 Disease Another Nuclear Age E.P.
nuclear-terror  1:11 1070-scum
Total Annihilation  2:22 Nuclear Death Terror Total Annihilation
Fight Music Cali  0:14 Fight Music Podunk
ta frandom rikaNuclear Attack 1:19

The Creepy Creeps (background) - Fat Fink  2:13
beer not bombs(Firstblood cover)  1:33 Nuclear Annihilation
Dismal Worship Begins  1:21 Nuclear Altar
Nuclear apocalypse  1:44 Warcorpse Eternal Nuclear Winter
Justin Thrasher- Podunk  0:25
Nuclear Hell  3:13 Deathdealer Freedom Punker
NUCLEAR POWER  0:50 Sex Dwarf demo

Gatecrusher (background)  2:04 Los Straitjackets The Utterly Fantastic And Totally Unbelievable Sound Of Los Straitjackets
Nuclear Nightmare  1:40 Mob Attack Dis Freedom Struggle Continues
Nuclear threat  1:30 Bombsplinter Dis Freedom Struggle Continues
BERID-Keeping it Brutal  0:11 Brutal Existence Radio
Nuclear Summer (vinyl rip)  1:32 P.L.F. Split 7"
Vomito Nuclear -  2:24 Gonzo
Nuclear Power Genocide  1:41 Framtid Defeat Of Civilization LP

Calhoun Surf (background) 1:53 Los Straitjackets The Utterly Fantastic And Totally Unbelievable Sound Of Los Straitjackets
Who's Laughing Now? & Try So Hard  1:15 Nuclear Tomorrow Songs in My Head
Nuclear Barbeque Party  0:58 Lärm Straight On View Fastcore  1
Dave promo  0:17 Moral Decline
No más policía  2:34 Invierno Nuclear Thrashing Metal Punk
Nuclear Terror  1:44 Aspex Peaceful Life Is Now Your Nightmare demo 2012  (us)
nuclear war  2:16 the Idiots cries of the insane

Rampage (background)  2:29 Los Straitjackets The Utterly Fantastic And Totally Unbelievable Sound Of Los Straitjackets
Two monstrous nuclear stockpiles  1:11 Discharge Never Again 7"
Nuclear Annihilation  1:15 Gloom Vokusatsu, Seisin, Hatansha
BERID-Kinsey4  0:09 Brutal Existence Radio
drunkards - post-nuclear drunk warrior  2:24 Drunkards cancer spreading / drunkards
Nuclear accident for dummies  0:56 Face Up To It Ep
Nuclear War  1:43 The Hippy War Generals Punk Shit Vol.1

The Creepy Creeps (background) - Creep Stomp  2:31
Where Was I? [Live]  1:57 Guttermouth Live From The Pharmacy
Nuclear Mutant-Social Wall  2:38
Nuclear Fear  0:40 Negative FX Negative FX
PodunkPromo-Podunk Punk Show with Jacks Insanity 0:10
Nuclear Solution  2:14 Frontside Five Resurrection Cemetery
20 Nuke Seattle  0:48 Quincy Punx

Fury (background)  2:11 Los Straitjackets The Utterly Fantastic And Totally Unbelievable Sound Of Los Straitjackets
Nuke Seattle  2:07 Blacklist Backstreets of American Oi! Oi! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #72

Episode 72... Nothin new. A live show that was recorded last month. 

Stream from your phone and download here:

Replays 4pm PST on

Great punkness...

Dogsflesh- Psycho Bitch
Guttermouth- Oats

Assbackwards- Pigs
The Lobotomies- Freedom 
Unamused- Third World
The Oppressed- White Flag
7 Seconds- Regress Noway

Operation Ivy- Bomb Shell
Beercan!- Fuck The Hicups
Oi Polloi- Scum
Citizen Useless- Day Of The Dead

Bat- Total Wreckage
Czosnek- ?
Instant Asshole- Motormouth
DIE- Choke
Diswar- Dishonor
Mosquito Teeth- Spit In My Food
Primitive Prison- Noise You Can Trust
Bastard Ass- Bars On My Windows

Siege- Starvation
Multi Faucet- Mirror
Sick People- Final Verdict
Sistema Brutal- Twisted Hate
Side FX- Hidden Hand
Union 13- No More Ideas
Violent End- Shadow Of Fear

Anti- What Do You Do?
Visions Of War- Wave Of Hate
World War IX- Fishing For Compliments
Civil Disgust- Bobblehead
Classics Of Love- ?

Drunk Boyz- Stay Punk

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #74.9

Episode #74.9... Still have some pre-recorded shows in the loop. A ton of free tunes this week from the Podunk Records Vol 3 Comp that you can get for free at bandcamp

Always find us Tuesdays 4pm PST on

and Sundays 3pm PST on .NET now

Download and stream from your smart phone here:

                                    PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp. Vol. 3 cover art

Bus Full Of Bombs  1:02 The Mongoloids AZ KAOS and Gagging Maggot Records present Apocalypse Cow! Volume #1
No Hope Is Lost  2:24 P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. Freedom Punker Vol 17
Total Destruction  2:01 Gastkramad Freedom Punker Vol 17
Punker  2:35 Anti Recesija Freedom Punker Vol 17
Anarchy  0:22 Fight Music

Freakin Out (background) 3:00 The Freakouts PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp. Vol. 3
Skate  1:47 Toxic Underground Toxic Underground  s/t
Pose as a Skate  1:41 Bored to Death Bored to Death EP
punk  0:21 Poor Luckies Podunk
My God Rides a Skateboard  2:07 The Obtruders The Obtruders Demo
Skate or die  0:27 Filthy Christians Filthy Christians/G-Anx-split 7"
Skate Harassment  1:59 The Faction Collection 1982-1985

Mallard (background) 2:45 Dry Rub PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp. Vol. 3
Shit For Brains  0:41 Citizens Patrol Sick Routine
Powder Keg  1:24 Government Warning No Moderation
Ban The Bible  0:50 Hated Youth Hardcore Rules 7"
BERID-Keeping it Brutal  0:11 Brutal Existence Radio
Nothing Is Over- Made For Hostility  0:41 NegativeFnEnergy Buddha Khan Recs 2009
Seems The State- Alcoholocaust 1:37 Alcoholocaust_45_live studio self rel   

Locked Out  (background) 2:16 The Side Affect Next Stop, Somewhere Else Street
Marco-Polo  0:17 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP
976-EVIL  1:48 Dead Now Evil PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp. Vol. 3
In your head  1:03 Negative Lifestyle End up like them
Forward Motion  1:26 Muuy Biien This Is What Your Mind Imagines
The Demitlitarized Neutrality  2:01 Clay Japan - The Middle East Combat
BERID-Fuckstick  0:15 Brutal Existence Radio
Father  1:49 Contorture DEMO 2010
Force fed fuperstition  1:00 Active Minds The lunatics have taken over the asylum 7" flexi
Bros stampede promo  0:26
Are you Free?  1:30 Krömosom Krömosom demo 2010 

Tortured Heart  (background) 4:15 Something Called Nothing PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp. Vol. 3
2 Dumb Drunks  1:08 2 Buck Drunks PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp. Vol. 3
No Fucks Given  1:17 Social Trauma PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp. Vol. 3
PodunkPromo-PodunkShow  0:10 Podunk Radio
The Dark  2:05 Pipedown Enemies Of Progress (AF012)
B8 Desire For Wealth  2:07 The Cruck Punk Invasion cassette 198? Punk (Japan)
Stress Related Aneurysm  2:04 Thick Skin DEMO 2012
Insomnia  1:15 Under Al Kritik Insomnia Jazz 

Sorry Jerry  (background) 3:34 The DiMarcos PoDunk Radio Punk Rock Comp Vol. 2
No Never  1:25 Upright Citizens Bombs Of Peace
ANTI/DOGMATIKSS - Hacienda  1:24 Anti-Dogmatikss VA - La lucha continua
AUTODEFENSA - Terrorismo del poder  0:52 Auto Defensa VA - La lucha continua
Muerte En Mexico  1:57 VAASKA Vaaska demo 2009
Curse you with voodoo  0:52 xKATExMOSHx split Fatal Nunchaku/xKATExMOSHx
Jacks Bros bit  0:16
Class War- Murdaball  1:40
Stalla InforRatta- Skitsofrenia  1:14
Gooch  1:23 Captain Bringdown & the Buzzkillers Strike Again! 

Skate!  1:51 Molotov Compromise My Life Has Value