Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #69

Wine country me, dine me... kinky Episode 69 is fresh like Cali crush. Speaking of Cali, above is a recent surprise visit to Reno from Chico punkers Fight Music. Just listen kids, don't ask questions!

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ATO- Nuetral Law
Mob 47- Makesma....
Attitude- Destroy Yourself
The Bugs- Back In The Barrio
Bros Theme

Fight Music- Drink Smoke F Destroy
Gehenna- Sadist
Frustration- Night Stealer
Nuclear Hell Frost- Storm Of Nuclear...
Milksnatchers- Jack The Lad
Totalitar- Advis slagan
The Voorhees- Black Days

Bullet Treatment- Riding Around On A Bus
Fuck Ups- Get Out
Porkoreria- Somos Punk?
Youth Of Today- What Goes Around
Tunein App bump
Diet Christ- Camping In Bueruet 
Oi Polloi- Resist The Atomic Menice
Oil Tanker- Ends Meat
Blood Crow Butcher- trk5
Concrete Facelift- Party Time

Municipal Waste- Garbage Stomp/ Poseur Decomposer
Condition- Sensation Defect
Negative Degree- One In A Million
Pink Turds In Space- ?
New Criminals- Kill Radio
Aggressive Force- Get F'd
Henry Fonda- Vegan Meat Pie AKA...
Aggro Or Die- trk5

Idiot Talk- The Virus
Guttermouth- Diamond Studded Bumble Bee
Mortydod- ?
The Dwarves- Fucking Life
The Stupids- You Shoulda Listened

World War XXIV- Google Box

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #68

#68... Was an experiment gone pretty wrong! Tested a new program over on some free streaming site. Quality is less than usual and a little bass-ee (even though every thing is zeroed out).  New intro that rocks. No matter what goes on, the Spanish stations always work.

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Viral punk this week:

Guttermouth- Hopeless
Tom and The Boot Boys- Free Tax
Deportation- Seeeeeza
Fix My Head- Half Dead
The Bristles- This Comp Sucks
C.O.S.A.- track2

Capitalist Casualties- Bad Habits
Call The Police- Internal Suicide
Code 13- To Die Is...
Declone- Weekend Punk
DFA- Fight Club

Face Up To It- Le Muer....
Gang Green- Narrow Mind
Hell Krusher- War Machine
Common Enemy- Warped In World 8
Sudor- Esta Vida
Germ Attack- Easily Sedated

Direct Control- WWIII

5 lost songs

The Accidents- Tie Dye's Ugly
Gas Mask Terror- No Mistake
Larm- Puppets On A String
MDC- Long Day Short Life
Nazi Dust- Invest and Sacrafice
Guttermouth- Runner Up

?- Gonna Have Ta Fight
Agothocles- ?
The Threats- State Of Shock
To Be Hated- I Hate My Job
The Zodiacs- Freedom Club
Mickey and The Bigmouths- Beer and Gear
RAD- Sk8 Bored
Kung Fu Rick- Double Standard
Shit Fucker- Religions

Kalashnikov- ?
Sawn Off- ?
Frontside Five- Nuke Your Neighbor
Funeral Shock- Hand Over Fist
Mob Charge- Storm
Subhumans- Ashtray Dirt
Surf Nazis Must Die- No One Likes Me
Tiber Strike- Gay Pride In The Bible Belt

Swellbellys- Tick