Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #162

Episode 162... While y'all worried about Trump, inaugurations, and marching, Bros Grim is making Merica great again with songs about drinking and blowing stuff up, in true US fashion.

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Bros Grim 162

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PUNK out...

AA  1:36 Poison Idea Record Collectors Are Pretent AHs
Hate In The Memories  1:43 Gai Extermination
Carnival In Rio  1:30 Mob 47 Mob 47
Radioactive Chocolate  0:57 MDC Millions Of Dead Cops - More Dead Cops

The Presidents of United States (background) - Kitty  3:23
Where Was I?  1:29 Guttermouth The Album Formerly Known As Full Length LP
LetsStartAWar  2:27 The Exploited Live 2006
Illegal Timber Cutting   0:58 Hartsoeker Dealing With The Sense Of Apocalypse
Only In Dreams  2:35 Anti-Cimex Scandinavian Jawbreaker genre
Fight with no Fear  1:34 Warhead Cry of Truth 7"EP go fuck yourself
Minds Are Controlled  1:36 Corrosion Of Conformity Eye For An Eye + Six Songs With Mike Singing
KillYourIdols-SmallManBigMouthminorThreatCover  0:57

Cannonball (background) - The Breeders  3:37
Grown Up  0:54 UGLYBoNES Growing Concerns
Piss off and die  1:17 Aargh Fuck Kill SR-28 Aargh Fuck Kill - Modern Warfare
Branded For Life  2:48 Rawhide PATAC 2012 Sampler
Violent Mind  0:49 DEADBEAT L.A. Split w/ BOAK
LETS BE FRIENDS  1:47 Get Laid Demo
Executions  1:32 LIFE is HATE 8 Track EP
flatter theory  0:50 CRUTCH Wrong Ones: Vol. III

Butthole Surfers (background) - Who Was in My Room Last Night  3:15
Talking Metallica with Righteous Dudes  2:06 Get Rad Protestant Split 7"
Lizard Queen  1:55 Big Bleach Everything So Far....
Rip Off  1:39 Sore Points Demo
Silencer  2:03 Alien Boys Self-Critical Theory
Wrongboard  2:03 PSO My Way Out

Together On The Sand (NoFX Cover)  2:35 Citizen Useless Jakarta Punk City (Single)

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #161

Episode 161... Hiatusville lately but bringing in the New Year with some bang and some bands that are worthy for their 2016 releases.  and some 90's yuck yuck to enjoy.

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New Year Bros Grim 161

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New PUNK Year...

The Human Mulligan  1:56 Guttermouth New Car Smell - EP
Bad Business  2:50 Nobodys Hussy
As Seen on TV  1:35 D.R.I. But Wait...There's More! - EP
Come To Bevland ( Punk Shit Version)  2:07 Eastfield Punk Shit Vol.1

Get A Chance 1:07 Romantic Gorilla Spazz & Romantic Gorilla Split CD
Circle Pit Love  0:14 Common Enemy  Late Night Skate
Pit Trilogy  1:35 Common Enemy Late Night Skate
The Solution  0:58 Resist   Resistography
Heart Attack Man  1:58 SNØB SNØB demo 2013
Sufrir Hasta Morir  2:05 VAASKA Vaaska demo 2009
The Way It Goes  1:04 Out Of Use Punk Shit Vol. 1
Babylon  2:04 Total Chaos 17 Years of Chaos

Riot (background)  2:36 Get Wrecked Radio Riot! Vol. 1
Run  2:52 Frenzal Rhomb Survival Of The Fattest
You Got A Great Body, But Your Record Collection Sucks  2:27 Sloppy Seconds More Trouble Than They're Worth
Screeching Weasel - Dingbat boogadaboogada  2:00 
Can't We All Just Get Along (At The Dinner Table)  1:47 Guttermouth Friendly People
Food, Sex & Ewe  1:47 NoFX Ribbed
Journey To The End Of The East Bay  3:12 Rancid And Out Come The Wolves

Never Shut Up (background) 1:44 Bitch Slap Barbie Radio Riot! Vol. 1
Normalized Death  1:21 Pure Disgust Pure Disgust
When I Realized I'm Dead  0:59 Gone Ape Shit I'd Rather Be Skating
Blonde Ambition  3:03 Dr. Bob's Nightmare Punk Rock Shenanigans Sampler
Wine in a Can  2:58 You Dirty Rat EP
The Dishwasher  2:59 Dayglo Abortions Armageddon Survival Guide

Kindred Assembly (background)  4:28 Deceased PATAC 2012 Sampler
Drunk & Depressed  1:24 The Transgressions Stop Wasting My Time - EP
Grey  2:48 Frustration Paranoia & Regret