Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #117

Show 117... Nothing to gain on this show.  Maybe a headache from your brain getting half blown out your ears.

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PUNK theme...

Theme Song  1:07 Common Enemy Late Night Skate
Cornered  0:54 Moms On Meth Gray Areas
No Saviours  0:46 INTHESHIT Perceptions of Decadence or, How to Philosophize with a Knife
She Didn't Lose Her Baby  2:43 NOFX My Stepdad's a Cop and My Stepmom's a Domme

House Party (background)  2:31 Number 9 Hard ALL LUBED UP AND READY TO GO
Topovsko Meso  1:12 Dishumanity Radijacija
Let's Get Drunk & Fuck  2:45 The Bloody Muffs Sloppy Seconds
Dirt King  1:48 No Think Thinking Animals
Attack  1:40 Blitz All Out Attack Punk Not Profit
Like a disease you chose to ignore  1:58 Crippled Old Farts Same ep
See See T.V.  1:21 The Lobotomies Drink, Pass Out, Repeat Street

The More I See (background)  3:58 Discharge Never Again
Flacidism  1:39 Guttermouth Shave The Planet
Factory - GENOCIDE EXPRESS  1:05 V/A Compilation Cleanse The Bacteria
Meet The Press  1:19 Circle Jerks Wild in the streets
Ice House  2:22 Dr. Know Burn
Dioxin Defect  1:31 Cervix Winter Tour 2010 tape
Capitalist Casualties - Dennis's Problem (D.R.I. Cover)  0:46 Capitalist Casualties / Human Trade DEMOCIDE e​​p
10 Fall In Line  1:40 86 MENTALITY GOin Nowhere Fast

That's Life (background)  3:01 Guttermouth Covered With Ants
Adult Life is NO Fun  1:23 Cülo My Life Sucks and I Could Care less
Punching Out Forever  0:59 Poor Choice Teenage Love Is Beautiful 7"
Bum gangs  2:28 Immigrants EP 2012
Out Of Sight  1:46 Life Chain Demo 2012
03-distrust  1:32 FALSE CONFESSION - demo 1983 (oxnard-CA) demo 1983
Kill Everyone Now  0:46 Pillsbury Hardcore Empty Skulls Vol.#2 - The Wound Deepens
control  0:56 Dropdead fe 16 - 'discography' lp

My Pop The Cop (background) 2:21 The Dickies Physical Fatness
24-i hate bloody coppers  1:58 THE METS - 1982-1984 (delftzijl-the netherlands)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #116

Episode 116... A "righteous" block of songs this week. Pug Skulls from Nevada City, CA also in here starting it out! Check them out here:

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PUNK Killin' it...

Police State Rock  1:10 Pug Skullz_ Police State of Mind EP 2014 Nevada City CA
no way out  1:21 Sawn Off fe 36 - sawn off discography cd 1997-98
Aborto  0:53 Krata Álbum desconocido (10/07/2011 23:18:17)
Brain Explosion!  0:09 Texas Terri Bomb Your Lips My Ass

I've Got Rights (background) 3:36 Hank Williams Jr. America The Way I See It
I Hate to Step in Dog Shit  1:27 The Accidents Lived Up To The Name
It's A Beautiful Day For Hardcore  0:48 Common Enemy Late Night Skate
Violation Of My Mind  2:32 The Blame America Destroys The World
The Oldman Still Punk  2:09 SpitSixtynine Freedom Punker Vol1
No Visekción  2:20 Intérprete desconocido Álbum desconocido (26/04/2010 11:13:20 p.m.) Género desconocido
This Won't Hurt A Bit  1:54 Guttermouth Deep Thoughts
I Got a Right  3:24 The Stooges Skate to Hell Disc 2

Yeah Right (background)  2:08 Screeching Weasel Screeching Weasel
Pass the Gluebag (To the Right Hand Side)  1:31 Disorder Sliced Punx on Meathooks
stay right here  1:17 Career Suicide anthology of releases 2001-03
Might for Right  0:35 Spazz Sweatin' to the Oldies
The Ignorant  2:32 D.R.A. (Down Right Aggression) Punk In The Streets Vol. 1
What Is Right  1:54 Reagan Squad Golden Mile (AF002)
Self-Righteous Fuckdom  1:06 Voetsek Infernal Command
The Crunky Kids - So Righteous  1:24

I'm Not Right (background)  2:25 Kobanes Japan Invasion
Society burden  2:21 Out Crowd Demo

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #115

Episode 115... Really had to edit this one.  Thanks for hanging in there!  Feature from Pug Skullz (Nevada City, CA - yes it exists).

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Punx not seen in the pit...

Killed by ugly  1:46 Beyond Pink Try This At Home Kids
Vacuous / Weak  0:43 Meatbag demo
Criminal  0:34 Necklacing I
Sys The Punk Guy  0:46 Citizen Useless Sys The Punk Guy (EP)

Born Of Freedom (background) 2:15 Born Of Freedom Freedom Punker Vol 4
Hate Being Stood Up  0:56 Dead Steelmill Just Got Laid Off...
Maltratar  0:35 Rapturous Grief DEMO
a plea for life  2:20 Disaffect fe 06 - Disaffect - 'An Injury to One ' ep
Reebok Shoes  1:26 A.G.s Bryan's Car
Fucked Up Life  1:54 Shitfucker Human Disorder demo 2006

Punkrock Army (background)  4:33 Perkele Oi! The Boat Records Split OTB4
Police State of Mind  2:15 Pug Skullz_ Police State of Mind EP 2014 Nevada City CA  
Always Never Fun  1:50 The Stupids Peruvian Vacation
A Tribute to Free Minds  0:46 Burnpile What About You
Reality Check  0:48 Altered Boys Altered Boys 7"
Take From The Rich  1:57 Deprived Resistence In The 1980's
I Won't See You In The Pit  1:10 Guttermouth Covered With Ants
En Minutos  2:13 Dispara Self Titled EP

White Trash (Second Generation) (background) 2:21 Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
What Kind of Mind  1:54 Disgust Brutality of War
Last Seconds Before Annihilation All Systems Fail  2:44 Alerta Antifascista Records AA37. All Systems Fail - s/t LP
The Few  1:23 Violent Reaction s/t EP
Slam Dunk  0:36 Vapo-Rats Sports EP
Highscore - Hardcore Bores Me To Death  0:58 Alerta Antifascista Records AA25. V/A - Turn It Down
Snobb  0:50 Mob 47 Ultimate Attack-Complete Discography

Friday Night Nation (background)  2:07 Screeching Weasel First World Manifesto
Nuclear Meltdown Catastrophe  1:35 False Profit False Profit, 15 years, Thrash till Death

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #114

Episode 114... Some stuff I found on bandcamp and a bit of a special.  A set of all "Y" punk bands and a most righteous set of "DIS".  Thanks for tuning in!

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Generation Y dis so punk...

Braindead generation  1:03 Atomic Pollution Discograbfree
BREAKAWAY  1:49 Void Potion for Bad Dreams R.I.P. Sean
So gorgeous  1:37 WARFUCK The Weak And The Wicked

What's So Strange About Me? (background)  3:25 Eight Days A Week Thrasher Skate Rock Vol. 5
OPERATION EAT SHIT (france) - you don't listen,you just hear  1:32 va - WE'RE STILL PISSED!!! an international female fronted hc-punk compilation vol. 1
Johnny Better  2:13 Zero Boys History Of Cassette
Warprofiteers  1:49 Eaten Raw Demo2 148
Forgotten  2:08 Deathraid All life ends
History In The Making  2:00 Margaret Thrasher Miners Threat

Cockroach (background) 3:56 Toxic Narcotic They've Taken Everything Disc 2
All For Nothing  1:26 Yuppicide Anthology '88 - '98
Sokushinbutsu  1:51 Yadokai Yadoaki
A Time We'll Remember  1:18 Youth of Today We're not in this alone
Can't Stop  0:27 You Suck ! Flexi Ep
Control  2:03 Youth Avoiders Discography Tape
Angry #62  2:08 Yo! Scunt Damaged Goods & Gravy Sweat

Maldita (background) 2:29 L'Odio Social VA - La lucha continua
Death race  1:40 Discard Death from above 7"
I Hate Money  2:17 Disclaim Violence Core demo 1988
Religion Wants Us Dead  0:52 Disphux Freedom Punker Vol 3
Min Elegi  1:30 Disfear Disfear 7''
Make your grave  1:21 Disflesh War would be disastrous
anarkopunkens osynliga hierarki  1:14 Diskonto diyanarchohardcorepunk EP´98

Kill for Peace (background)  2:33 UX Vileheads Catch 22
Siempre Koka Kola  2:08 Sin Control Mexican Punk Comp Vol1
Long Day, Short Life  1:28 M.D.C. They've Taken Everything Disc
Combat Boots  0:29 United Mutation Insanity/Kyo Ki 7"
Musclehead  0:46 Napalm Death Rare Tracks 86-88
Corpse Rotting In Hell  1:26 Guttermouth Musical Monkey
Grave Digger  2:04 Spewtilator Get Conjured CS

Track 11(background)  2:43 Fight Music The Pursuit of Crappyness
Mass Hypnosis Population  2:27 Die Zlaskhinx Freedom Punker Vol 4

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #113

Episode 113...  Back to some classics this week.  A bunch of '90s and '80s-ish rips! Certified ear blasting tunes. And even a bonus round at the end!

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PUNK classic-ness...

Dig  2:16 NoFX Punk in Drublic
Allways Restrictions  1:22 Discharge Punk And Destroy
I've Had It  1:26 Black Flag The First Four Years
No Government  2:11 Anti-Pasti The Punk Singles Collection

Feel So Lame  2:37 The Del Lames We Love Trash - The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 7
Public Office  2:21 False Profit False Profit, 15 years, Thrash till Death
Half-Empty Bottle  1:40 A.F.I. Answer That And Stay Fashionable
Hi Mom, It's Me  1:05 The Queers Later Days and Better Lays
This Thing Called Progress  1:25 Poison Idea The Early Years
Misfigured  1:54 Pour Habit Suiticide
my tv mp3  2:26 pete mortenson pete mortenson's Album

Do The Freddy  0:57 Adolescents Brats In Battalions
Bombing For Beelzebub  1:47 A.N.S. My Revenge Split
Wasted Life (Ain't No Crime)  1:22 7 Seconds Old School 12"
Sport Ideals Of Death  1:24 ABORTION Murdered Culture
You Can't Catch Me  0:47 Birth Deformities [BE-03] Demo
Time For Change  1:28 Chemical Threat They Don't Care

The Unseen - Are We Dead Yet  2:59 Various Sampler Vol. 2 (AF019)
Accepted drugs  1:51 FOKKUM Revenge
Stand Still  2:08 Gorilla Biscuits Start Today
Walcz o siebie  1:17 Yama Dori Records GOVERNMENT FLU Holes 7"EP
See The Truth  0:58 Government Warning No Moderation
Steal our fun  1:17 Agent Attitude Never-ending Mess
Coitus Mongoloidus  2:31 cerebral scrub Edward Penishands! (demo)
Looking Good Is All That Matters  2:11 Guttermouth Covered With Ants

Jerry And The Final Thoughts - Lies  2:38 Various This Is East Coast Punk - cassette comp 1998 (AF004)
Rule of the Beast  2:14 BAT Primitive Age (Demo)
Answer?  2:39 Self-Inflicted Genocide Demo/Is This What You Voted For?
These times  2:32 Poor Lifestyle These times
Oni Kazu  1:34 PROGRESS V.A. - Noc Nad Jugoslavijom tape ex-YU