Monday, February 8, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #264

Episode 264...Same chaos and punkness as usual. If there's one thing punx hate, it's war. A few 2021Bandcamp finds and a few later 2020 stuff mixed in as well. Enjoy!! 

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Stigma 0:33 Mangled State Stigma_Youth Attack Recs
Same Scam 1:14 Direct Control Direct Control
Nascent Peter Panism 1:34 Wheelbite Complete Discography 1998-2003_Flat Spot Recs
Lock up your government 2:05 DCOI Dcoi S/T Vol 2
Beggin' (background) 2:46 Frankie Valli Jersey Beat
Planet's Dying 2:19 Hellish Views Holy Horrors
Be Suburban 1:59 Leather Lickers Leather Lickers
This Song (Is A Dick!) 0:52 Sick Burn DEMO 2018
Contaminated Dead Atmosphere 1:44 Krupskaya Sandokhan vs Krupskaya
False sense of security 2:20 Downshift Before you knew me...
Foiled Again 1:34 Lagwagon Duh
Hypocrite 3:23 Guttermouth The Album Formally Known As A Full Length LP
Hoochy Koochy Man / Ton Of Bricks (background) 3:08 Various Iron City Punk
American Dream 1:16 Street Weapon Quick To Die_Not For The Weak Recs
tomando los golpes 1:03 Los Crudos fe 22.5 - 'canciones para liberar nuestras fronteras' lp 
All Doves Die Here 1:34 Burial Order DEMO 2019
PTSD 2:22 Shiv Demo 2016
Kuoleman Tanssi 1:30 Rajoitus Split w/Utanförskapet
Whos Responsibility 2:20 Deprived Resistence In The 1980's
Be A Good Robot 2:26 The Vandals Hollywood Potato Chip_Kung Fu Recs
Acid (background) 2:43 Game No One Wins
Celine Freon 1:36 Dogbreath Isang Bagsak_NY
The Primarch System 1:25 Galaxies Machine Dancers_Indonesia
Sniff Out The Nazi 0:47 THOUGHT CONTROL Shock To The System_NJ
Destruir Todo 1:46 Disraid Desprecio Total por la Vida_Argentina
I'd Clap, But I'm Holding A Beer In Each Hand 0:42 xTom Hanx The Experience_Sacramento

Not As Much As Football 3:47 Mojo Nixon Whereabouts Unknown

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