Monday, February 22, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #266

Episode 266... Trying a new 30-minute format for a bit. No one cares anyway. At least with the acquittal you all can put your energy into something useful now. A few newer Bandcamp grabs. Enjoy!

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Punk humanity...

Survive 1:02 The Helpless Nuclear Fire Tape
Traffic 0:37 Cross Class Split w/ RAD_Sacramento Recs
Pecking Order 1:21 Bato Not For The Weak Records Compilation I
Not Ugly Enough To Be A Ramone 3:01 The Young Hasselhoffs If it Ain't Tasty it Ain't Melted​.​.​.Melted Recs Sampler

In The Dark (background) 2:53 Manifest Destiny Mystic Sampler #1
Viva America 1:12 Guttermouth Gorgeous
Ghouls Night Out 1:44 Goldfinger Violent World: A Tribute To The Misfits
Sniper Parade 0:48 VEINS VEINS EP_Youth Attack Recs
Spokesman For No-One 0:42 Code 13 Code 13 Discography 1994-2000
Selfish Few 1:36 Chaos UK 100 Percent 2 Fingers in the Air
Baja (background) 2:45 JFA We Know You Suck comp
COVID DREAMS 1:25 Zero Again Out of the Crooked Timber of Humanity​.​.​._UK
FOIL - Stuck In A Slump 1:48 FOIL_KC FOIL/ SYLVIE S split_Dirtbag Distro_KC
Viral Warfare 1:10 Hellish Inferno Demo_Oakland
Do You Conform 1:25 Black Uniforms Faces of Death
Release The Hostages 2:29 NOFX Heavy Petting Zoo

Walk Together, Surf Together (background) 3:26 Hawaii Samurai The Shape of Surf To Come
Punx Unite 3:56 The Casualties Underground Army Punk

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