Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Brothers Grim Punkcast #265

Episode 265... I mention the impeachment trial, but it's over before the show is even posted. New Bandcamp tunes and the usual rage. Thanks and enjoy!

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Punk meds...

Problem 1:03 Grimple Up Your Ass_Oakland_M&E Recs
#FuckYou 2:11 El Matador 40 Years, 40 Beers, 10 Bad Songs
Secure Horizons 2:50 Guttermouth Covered With Ants
Gutter Dreams 1:53 POR029 No Time - You'll Get Yours CS

Jane Says (background) JA Barf Bros 90's Radio 
Throwaway Kids 2:05 The Virus Still Fighting For A Future_Charged Recs
Lack of Intelligence 1:04 Disrupt Deprived
The Wine Runs Red 2:24 Dissober Outcasts of Sobriety_D-Takt & Rapunk Recs
Awaiting the Siege 1:27 Löckheed Löckheed//Affect Split EP
Har du sett mina nötter? Have You Seen My Nuts? 0:55 Skogstokig Hällristningar i nyllet Rock Carvings In The Stuffing
Bootlickin' Boy 1:27 The Resistance 1981
Teen Idol 0:35 JFA We Know You Suck comp
Devo 1:09 Groovie Ghoulies 99 Lives_Green Door Rec Co

Dead In The Saddle (background) 3:44 Hawaii Samurai The Shape of Surf To Come
JUSTIFY 0:38 KAGAMI Demo 2021 Tokyo
Who Will Care 1:08 Negativ Epicrisis
Apple Store 1:20 CTRL Group 2020 Demo_Sorry State Recs
Crushed To Dust 1:00 Stiff Meds Exciting Violence CS
Battlefield of Hell 1:14 Disclose Nightmare Or Reality_MCR
The New Highscore 1:18 MyManMike I'm Pregnant
Cause For Abortion 1:05 A Global Threat Dubbed Cassette Demo '97

Human Fly (background) 2:16 Cramps Sounds Of The Seventies
Warped In World 8 1:36 Common Enemy Living The Dream? LP
Land Monster 1:02 Traffic Death Don't Be A Projectile
Drill 1:25 Instructor Demo 2019
Mutant Stalker 1:13 POR050 ZODD - Demo 2017 CS
Demonomania 1:04 Flesh Temple Misfits - Earth A.D. The CVLT Nation Sessions
Criminal Trap (Anti-Cimex) 3:33 Selfish Doom/Selfish Pro-Life Control split_Ecocentric Recs
War Machine (Anti Cimex) 1:54 Doom Doomed Again_Agipunk

Nobody's Hero 4:05 Stiff Little Fingers All The Best

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